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Monday, May 28, 2007

Home Study Complete

Hey all! Sorry it's taken so long. Our net has been down at home, but we're back in the saddle!!

Well, since we've last logged, we have had our home study visits. Our first one in our home went very well. We were anticipating an eventful evening with our agent here and the boys having to behave for 2 hours. They were ANGELS!! I was even a bit concerned they were "too good" while she was here. (Is that possible? I am SURE I will NEVER hear myself say that again!) Our Home Study Agent was SUPER nice. She had adopted two children from Guatemala. She totally made us feel at ease and completely comfortable. We scheduled our 2nd visit which was out of the home. It also went very smoothly. We felt like we were just talking to a friend about our life story. We have since had a total of four visits with our agent. She just sent us a copy of our home study to review, and I was thinking that everyone should have a home study completed. It is an account on paper of your life story. How cool is that? (I am sure our children will enjoy reading it someday!) So, our home study agent is sending our home study to our adoption agency to review. We will soon begin the "paper chase" . We have to have all of our documents we've acquired authenticated, certified and notarized! All I know is that I'll be traveling to our state capitol a lot this summer! Road Trip with the boys! Woo hoo!!

We're holding up well all in all. We're still early on in the process we know. We have been extremely busy with the boys and the end of the school year programs and such. We're very happy that schools out for the summa! Looking forward to some serious bonding at the pool!!! We still think about and pray for our baby girl each day, but we're trying not to be consumed by WAITING. We've decided that if we wish the next two years away that we're also wishing the lives of our two boys who happen to be right here in front of us away ...and we're not doing that! Time has flown since they were born.

Keep us in your prayers! Thanks for checking in! Hopefully we'll have more news to tell ya this summer about our dossier (paperwork) being sent to China soon.

Take Care and God Bless!!!