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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A child waits...(Pause music on sidebar)

My heart aches tonight and I cannot sleep:-(...I got onto our chinese adoption agency's waiting child website and ugh...There are over 5o WAITING children on the website. I know that there are 25 on our agency from Ethiopia as well plus 8 sibling sets. Doug and I know we cannot continue adopting children every year...but we can give them a voice...and advocate for them.

James 1:27 says this, " Pure and fautless religion is look after widows and orphans in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world."

As I sit in my home this Christmas season, I see four precious children. Two God knitted in my womb..and two he knitted together in my heart.

Tonight Lola Joy was running through the house naked. Laughing. Talking. Singing. I just looked at Doug and he knew what I was thinking. And our little Hopers. Watching little Lily blossom into the beautiful butterfly before our eyes each day brings me to tears. Her smile alone melts me..but now she has JOY. a HOPE. A FUTURE....not from ANYTHING Doug and I did...but by what GOD did. But..we could have missed it. We could have said.."this isn't what we planned..." and we would have...we could have MISSED it...

THANK GOD...we didn't!!!!

ps. The BEST adoption advice we were given..."If the only reason you wouldn't adopt is because of the money, don't let it be!" Thx Kerri! I PROMISE...GOD WILL PROVIDE!!!

Here's a place to start...

Lola Joy's agency-

Lily Hope's agency-

"The King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers or sisters o mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!


For my sweet friend..Sheila (pause music on my sidebar)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Girls Night Out

I was blessed to be a part of a Girls Night out with some of my favorite people in the world! I was so sad I had forgotten my camera, but luckily my cousin had hers so she shared her pics with me! Thx Hollie!
Here's my Aunt Janie and her BFF Rhonda. Mamaw Jean and Beth Ann

Hollie and Me
We had a wonderful dinner at Rafferties. I had my first fried pickles..ever heard of em? YUM!!! Then we headed to a Michael W. Smith Christmas Concert at the Aronoff.
We did a WHOLE lot of BELLY laughing!!!

Here I am chattin it up with Beth.
Being Momma's of little ones, a night out really did us some good!

And..we laughed some more!
Love my sweet Belle!

These ladies know how to have a good time! this pic!! Aunt J and her Momma..who just happen to be two of my HEROES!! (My Mommy isn't pictured here, but she's the other HERO!)
So much fun!

The concert was amazing! The orchestra itself was simply incredible..I closed my eyes and tried to take it all in..then opened them afraid I was going to miss something.:-)
Here we were waiting to get our car in the parking garage. We had a crowd of people staring at us by the time we got our car..not sure why they were staring...hmmm. lol
When we looked at this pic after it was taken we laughed so hard we almost peed our pants. We still can't figure out how Hollie made her nose look like this! ROTFL!!!!
(Rolling on the floor laughing)

What a WONDERFUL night with the MOST WONDERFUL people. (My Mom wasn't able to make it as she had to work! It wasn't the same without you Mom...we MISSED you!!!!)
Take time to spend time with the people you love the most.
Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Annual trip downtown

We made our annual trip to downtown Cincinnati and had a ball.
We always go to the Krohn's Conservatory first. This was Lily's first trip to go with us. :-) The girls LOVED the trains. Thomas was around the bottom of this beautiful tree. The girls had to say/wave goodbye to all the trains we saw.

Momma and Hopers
Although the background is dark, this is my FAVORITE PIC!!
Then we headed to see the train display by Duke Energy. It's the best!
Here's Brenny being the great big bro that he is to lil sis Lily.
Daddy and his pride and JOYS!!!

It began to snow..HARD..and so this picture is a hoot!!! But, it was the best we could do! Lol!
Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!!

Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ethiopian Play Date

Our family was invited to an "Ethiopian" play date with some families that live nearby. We were hosted by the sweetest family that made some delicious authentic food for all of us.(and by authentic, I mean...they were from Ethiopia and moved to the states some years ago.) Here's what was on my plate. I wasn't great with my camera..just snapped a shot here and there..sad I didn't get to snap all of the sweet families that were there..but here are just a few...
Check out these sweet boys!!!

And precious girlies! (This was the best shot I was able to slobbery bib, snot and all! ha)
This little one was too cute in her pink boots!
These boots were made for walkin'!
And yes, we attempted to capture a shot of all of the kiddos...I think they did quite well for 14 of them! Ha!!!
Felt so blessed to fellowship with other families who "look like ours" ...sort of. I know how important it is for my girls to get together with children from their birth country and celebrate their heritage and culture.
Red and Yellow black and white...they are precious in his sight!!!
Love love love this picture and hope to share and fellowship with these beautiful people again soon!
Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've been "WOWed"!

I read a lot of blogs out there, but wanted to direct you to one incredible family. I do not know this family personally, but am inspired daily by their obedience to Christ and His call on their lives. I read their "Because He said so" post and was totally blown away. Check them out here. Hopefully by reading this, they can inspire all of us to listen to what God is calling us to do..and actually do SOMETHING about it!
Is God calling you to do something "BIG" for His kingdom??

Be the Hope 4 Orphans!
btw- this family used the same agency as we did with Lola Joy..Celebrate Children International

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lily's Surgery and Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, where do I begin. was our sweet little girl right before her surgery..obviously she had no idea what was coming. :(Here she is making her sad face with her Daddy. Right before her surgery...Too funny.
The day of her surgery was one of the toughest days for me as her Momma. Doug and I felt so helpless as we tried to comfort and console this little one. It was obvious that she was in so much discomfort. She as also mad at the world over the arm splints and wanted her thumb!! The next day started to perk up a bit and wanted to do something other than look at us in that room. (We requested a larger bed...the bed they provided looked a bit like an orphanage bed and Lily SCREAMED when she saw it. ) We were able to sleep with her to comfort her. As far as eating went, she would eat a little bit of jell-o but really didn't want to drink. We really had to work at it to get her to eat and to drink.

She was doing pretty well and came home rather quickly. She blew us away at how she adapted to using her hands even though she couldn't bend her arms. (And she was able to take the arm splints off very easily..and they come off throughout the night as well...ugh!!!) Then, the rough part started. She became very clingy and lethargic. She had a fever and wouldn't eat anything..but would only drink. I was worried she had gotten strep throat..from Doug. We kept calling the hospital and they assured us that as long as she was drinking, she'd be fine. Well, this went on for days and I couldn't take it any longer. We took her to the dr. on Monday and discovered that she, in fact, had strep. We later found out that same day that Lola, Bryson and I all had it as well!!!! NO WAY! Needless to say, it has been MISERABLE this week!!! Lily has NOT SLEPT hardly at all and when she sleeps she is laying on our chest. Doug and I take of us sleeps with her, then we switch half way through the night.'s been in sane! Throughout the days, we've had a team of family to come and help me with the kiddos...and we've had some really sweet friends and family make us some meals which we cannot say thank- you enough to.

Here's my Mom trying to occupy the girls to give me some time to get well myself!

Mamaw Jean has been here to the rescue as well!

Doug's Mom has been over to help with the girls, but I didn't get a pic of her:(...thanks to you Momaw Donna. And Doug's sister, Deana came over to help out. I couldn't have made it without these amazing women to help us through this. Lily is finally beginning to get better, although she is not back to her old self yet. We did take her arm splints off today, but she is still not sleeping without laying on us and she wakes up all throughout the night. More than that though, we discovered on Monday that she has developed a hole in her palate again. :((( The dr. told us after the surgery that there was a chance that she might develop a hole due to an underdeveloped artery in her palate. Our hearts sunk when he told us and they TOTALLY SUNK when we saw the hole. We got in the car and just sobbed, actually. We were devastated that she will have to endure another surgery in 6-12 months. We were simply broken hearted for our little girl. Hasn't she endured enough? This really got us down and just made us look up and ask "WHY, God?" Then we were reminded that He loves her more than we do. That it could be a lot worse. That when we suffer, we rely on Him more.That God is a healing God.(thx aunt janie) And that He will never leave us or forsake us..and that He chose US to be Lily's parents..NO MATTER We're not exactly sure what this means for Lily, we will see the plastic surgeon on Dec. 3rd, I believe. So, please, please pray for Lily Hope. Pray that the dr's will be able to help her and that the "Great Physician", our God will heal our little girl. We will keep you posted...

And as for THANKSGIVING...

Tonight, I am reflecting on all I have to be thankful for.

I am thankful to have my sweet hubby to walk alongside of me on this wild ride called life.

I'm thankful for my FOUR beautiful children that the Lord has loaned to us and blessed us with. So thankful that Lily Hope was able to be with us this Thanksgiving. Thankful that we were able to be there for her through this surgery to comfort her, as we cannot imagine what her last surgery might have been like .alone. Thankful that God has opened our eyes to see beyond ourselves, but overwhelmed at the task ahead of us to do something about what He has revealed to us. Thankful for our family who showed up for us in a real way during this rough week. Thankful for Best and TRUE friends to walk through life with. And most of all...thankful for God. A loving God. Who loves me. Cares for me. Comforts me. Rocks me. Heals me. Even though I know I don't deserve it.
Wishing you and your family and BLESSED Thanksgiving!

ps. If you're feeling super blessed this year as well...

do you have room in your heart for an orphan who
needs a family?

"If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him?" 1 John 3:17

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun at home with the kiddos and Lily's surgery

One evening we were hanging out at home..and I caught some random cuteness!!!
The girls leanin' in for a little smooch! awww!!! Melt this Momma's heart!
Look at those smiles! Like my hair??

Sweetness to the CORE!

I looked in the kitchen and found these it!

Then I heard laughing coming from this direction and found these two!

I am completely blown away by the transformation happening in front of my eyes daily. Lily Hope is doing so, so well!!! We fall more and more in love each day. She is just such a sweet, sweet little soul!!! She is really coming out of her shell! She smiles all the time with us...and laughs with us. I will hear laughter amongst the little girls and look and they'll be chasing each other around the house, or playing's simply AMAZING and MIRACULOUS! I can honestly say that the girls are bonding so well with one another. Lola ALWAYS asks for Lily first thing in the morning..or yells "Lil...Lil!" It's priceless! Lily follows Lolee around everywhere...and the girls are of course SO FOND of their big bros. Lola yells, "BOYS!" through the house until she finds them. They ALWAYS make time for the little sis'. It's precious. I am so blessed and so thankful that these four children have bonded together by Christ's hand! He has placed his healing hand on our little HOPERS and she is a treasure! We are so thankful He chose US to be her forever fam!!!!
Lily has her cleft palate repaired on Tuesday. We ask that you keep our sweet angel in your prayers. This is a tough surgery for any little please pray for rapid healing, for a successful repair, and for our baby as she will miss sucking her right thumbie for an extended period of time due to these little arm splints she will have to wear. :-( Lily will be in the hospital until she can eat (pureed foods) and drink on her own. I will be staying with her in the evenings at the hospital for as long as she has to stay and Doug will be home with the other troops at home. We covet your prayers and will try to update on the surgery with pics when we can.
Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!

Halloween Costume Pics

I am so behind on posting pics and updating, but a lot has been going on since my last post. One being, I have gone back to work. Being a stay-at-home Momma has always been my dream, but I have wrestled with God about this and He is still placing me in the classroom, so that's where my mission field is...til HE moves me. :-) So here are a few pics of my kiddos dressed up for Halloween.
We had a Strawberry Fairy Princess and a Pumpkin Fairy Princess. (no smiles)

I took about 30 pics of them sitting here hoping to get a smile, but NO SMILES. ha.
BTW, this is the first year my boys asked to dress up in something scary...and as much as I did NOT want them to...they did. :-)(Bren reminded me that he was 10 and 1/2 and that he didn't want to look cute.) Boys will be boys. LOVE THEM!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

One month home!

As I look back on our first day with our daughter, I am amazed at the journey the little girl in this picture has been on and the strides she's made since being with us.
She became an instant baby sister to three other siblings. Here she is with her "big sis".
Monkey see, monkey do.
Lola got a baby doll brush and decided to play hair salon with Lily. ;-)My girls LOVE to be read to...have I mentioned they have the best big bros? I am tellin' ya, they do this all the time...without being asked. I wish I had a pic of Bryson with them, but I don't, but he is ALWAYS entertaining them and making them laugh!!!
Lily and her thumb.. We have lots of pics with her sucking her thumb. It is her best friend. ha. I don't know what we will do when her palate is repaired and she has weights on her thumb for at least 10 days...please pray for us!! ha.

As I looked at the first pic and remember back to Lily and the transformation she has made since meeting her, I'm emotional. I have to say, this little one has had a rough life. What she has endured in her little lifetime is one that NO CHILD or human being for that matter should ever have to go through. BUT, the fact that she is here, the fact that she fought through, she didn't give up, she IS just brings me to tears. My girls are so true to their names...JOY and HOPE. Lily is HOPE. Lily has learned so much. She has opened up a lot, although I cannot wait to see her continue to develop, open up, and grow and become the beautiful butterfly that was once hidden...hidden in a cocoon. She has seen many dr's and will see many more. Her palate repair surgery is scheduled for Jan. 11, but we're on the waiting list if someone cancels. We would like to get her in as soon as possible, as we know this will help her be able to communicate with us. But right now, for us and for Lily, we are working each day her help her feel wanted and loved, safe and happy, and to learn all she can. Seeing her smile until her brown eyes disappear, hearing her quiet giggle once in a while, watching her interact with her brothers and sister, reading stories, singing songs (Father Abraham with Daddy is a hoot! Wheels on the bus with Lolee), and sneaking in a snuggle are all we need.
We are so proud of you, Lily. You are a treasure!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Fall!

It's been a while...ha! To say we've been busy is an understatement...but we took some time to head out to a pumpkin patch with some of our favorite people in the world!
Here are my four kiddos.Me and my little punkin's!

Bryson Quinn had a blast on all of these home-made activites.

So did Brennan!
The three little pumpkin princesses!

Brennan, Bryson and best bud Cole!

Trying to get this pic was hilarious! This is as good as it gets!
Here's the whole gang. We hopped on the wagon to head out to the pumpkin patch.
LOVE this PRECIOUS Family!!!!
I think the girls were happy with the pumpkin they picked:-)
The boys took their time trying to find the perfect one!

Daddy and his girls. Love this pic..the sunset was just beautiful.

Thanks for a fun-filled evening Kightlinger fam! Looking forward to doing it again next year!
Today after church I wanted to snap a few pics of the kiddos and capture some of the beauty of fall.
Our little Hopers

Brydy Quinners


A Momma has to try, but didn't get any great ones of all 4...maybe next time. ha

Our little JOY JOY

We are thankful to be a family of 6. Lily is doing very well. She and LJ are a hoot...sharing toys...or stealing toys. I ALWAYS have a baby if not both babies in my lap. Making time for ALL FOUR children is a balancing act..and we're doing everything we can to make all of our children feel treasured and loved. When the girls are napping or asleep we make that our special time with our boys. This weekend I was able to take the boys to see my nephew play in the these moments are precious with them. Each day it's getting easier. I am getting the hang of doing everything double. Lily is walking arond everywhere now and we are so proud of the strides she has already made. She is quiet, calm, and absolutely precious.

We are so blessed to be called her family.

Happy Fall!

The first song on this playlist is dedicated to our Lily Hopers...I heard this song and thought of her. I love you just the way you are sweet baby girl!!!