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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our immigration paperwork updated...FINALLY!!!!!

YAHOOO!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how SUPER excited I am to share good news about our China adoption! After much PRAYER, many tears, and a looong wait, our immigration paperwork arrived in the mail TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been the thing that has been holding up our process! I can't tell you what an agonizing summer it has been..just waiting and wondering. ..and worrying..but God has moved that mountain!!! Thank you, Lord!!! This just means that our agency can now send our letter of acceptance to China and we can now be waiting for our Travel Approval. It is my understanding that it takes 2-4 wks to receive your TA, or travel approval. Once you receive this, your agency makes a consulate appt. and you can plan your travels to China!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Please pray that everything goes smoothly from this point out, and that we can go and get our sweet daughter who is waiting for us.
We're coming soon, Hopie!!!!!! Love you sweet baby girl!!!!
update* According to our agency..we should be traveling in 5-8 weeks!! Pray for two letters...TA!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Beautiful Homecoming..from Ethiopia to the USA!

Our friends, The Gutman's, adopted a little boy, Cooper Charles Habtamu, from Ethiopia. We were at the airport on Sunday to welcome home little Cooper. He is 3 years old.
Here is the anxious crew awaiting the arrival...(minus me behind the camera:)It was way past LJ's nap time, so she decided to get cozy with her blanky on the floor! Ha! (Her big bros were right there to comfort her! Love their sweet hearts.)

Cooper meeting his bubby, Collin, his Dad, and two sissy's for the first time!

Cooper was a little shy and scared, but oh so adorable!

Collin has dreamed of having a brother for a long time. Look at his face!

Here we are heading up the escalator ready to see them off to start their family of SIX!

Introducing...The Gutman's of six!
We are so happy another one of God's children has found a forever family. God sets the lonely in families, and we just can't wait to see who's next. Could it be you?
Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name;
make known to the nations what he has done!
psalm 105:1

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I wanna be a 'bout you?

Have you guys bought the new Mercy Me cd or heard about Mr. Lovewell? Just got the cd myself and read this when I was looking for the lyrics.. Check it out..
"Who is Mr. Lovewell? He's an idea. He's a movement. He's the hope that the little things can add up to a big change. He's what the bible has already called us to one another. Look for the best in people. Give people a chance regardless of status, race or gender. Mr. Lovewell is the understanding that the gospel is for everyone. Some may receive it, some may reject it, but from where we're standing, all that should matter is that the Gospel applies to us all. Who are we to demand the outcome before we decide to contribute? Do we wait and tip the waitress only if she's done a great job? Or do we tip her even when she's having the worst day? That's what God's grace is...unconditional. Grace leaves no room for "I've earned this" or "I deserve this." What a concept! To love NO MATTER WHAT!
And that, my friend, is Mr. Lovewell. Who knows, maybe he'll rub off on a few people. Are you a Lovewell?"
I don't know about you, but I wanna be a LOVEWELL!!!

1 John 4:10-11 " This is love, not that we have love God but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."


Friday, July 9, 2010

NEW PICS OF LILY..and her lip has been repaired!!!!

Our sweet little Princess in China is getting SOO BIG!! We are sooo thankful! It looks like she is being well taken care of!!!!!
Oh my sweet Lily!! We are praying SO HARD that God will move mountains to make a way for us to come and get you SOON!!!!
Please, PLEASE pray that our immigration paperwork gets adjudicated soon so we can go and get our SWEET Lily Hope!!! I have been struggling sooo much with this wait. Brennan reminded me yesterday when I was crying about it taking so long..." Mom..It's in God's Hands"! I know, it is. Just praying for Him to make a way for us to go and get her soon. Just today I had answered the phone and got off. I realized I didn't hear Lola..which means trouble. I looked around only to find her holding my cell phone. She had turned it on and gotten the pic of Lily and I said, "Lola, what are you doing?" She said, " Mama, Lily!" "Nina!" (China). I just started to cry!
So thankful, so in love!!!!

Guess who stopped by for a visit??

On my birthday, we had very special guests!! Yep, Emy Ben, and Eva came over for our first visit since bringing Eva home.Here is the PROUD and AWESOME big brother with little sis!Momma with her TWO babes!
The boys ran upstairs to play Rock Band right away. We were curious as to how our girls would interact with one another. They blew us away! At first Eva sat on Em's lap and Lola in mine. Then they started playing around one another looking at each other, and by the end..well a picture is worth a thousand words!
Lola's had some binky's in the floor. The girls are looking at them. (Eva doesn't have a binky.)

Emy told Eva to give Lola her she did! Then..
She thought she'd try one out for herself. Just to see what all the fuss was about! Ha! She was seeking her Momma's approval. Too cute!
Love this shot! These two were the exact same size!!!! (The girls matched..Em got Lola and Eva I heart my B.F.F. shirts. FUN!)

This is hilarious!!! What a funny girl!!!!

Time for a photo shoot in Lola's room.
When Lola smiled..Eva didn't.
When Eva smiled..Lola didn't. Ha. (Lola was saying Cheese!)
Then Eva was like, "I am so over this!" :-)

The girls gave bye bye kisses, until next time!!:-)

What a fun day! Eva is doing amazing! She is talking so well and understanding everything! What a vibrant little girl! Her big brother is INCREDIBLE! Her love for her brother and Momma is so obvious! (and her Daddy too..he wasn't there. Missed you, Scott!) So proud of this family stepping out in FAITH! Lola and Eva will be lifelong friends...whether they like it or not! Ha!

Thanks Meiners Family! We LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July and Louisville trip

The fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it's because my birthday is on the 6th, but I love me some fireworks and everything about the 4th, but NOW it is even more special. We brought Lola Joy into the U.S. on the 4th of July last year! So, from that 4th until the day I die, it will forever hold such a special memory for me and my family!
Happy one year in the U.S., my sweetie pie!

Here are some friends we got to spend the 4th with. We go way back!:-)
Missy and Hannah
Hunter and J.P.

We had fireworks two nights in a row!

Lola Joy LOVED them!:-)
The only thing missing from my 4th this year was The Kightlinger Family. We are usually with them, but they were on vacation. :-( Missed you Kightlinger's!!
On our screened-in porch
She is so silly!
I LOVE when toddlers squat like this!!

There's that nose scrunch I love so much!

Every year Doug has a business trip in Louisville and we have a BLAST every year!!! On Lola Joy's Gotcha day, we went to fourth street live and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe! So much fun!
The boys snapped a shot of me and my hubby. (We celebrated 13 years on June 21st while at the beach. I am so blessed to have the BEST husband and Father to my children! I love you, Babe!)

The boys LOVED where we were seated!

Blessings to you and yours!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

Doug, Brennan and Bryson Uncle Darryl, Lolee and Derek hammin' it up.

Doug, Derek and's never boring..let me tell ya!

The Twins..Brennan and Darci!:-)

These kids know how to have fun!

Lola LOVED the ocean and holding shells in her hand! (Lola was too busy this trip to stop and smile..except after dinner. ha)

Bry skim boarding!
Brennan skimming too~

Daddy and 3 of his blessings!

Me and my sweet, sweet Lolee!

Popaw Dennis and Momaw Donna..thanks for a great trip guys!
Darryl and Deana
Putt-Putting is a tradition on vacation!

Derek was happy with his putt!

Lolee's first time! She enjoyed picking up everyone's golf ball and placing it in the hole for them! (lol!:-)
My baby boy...Isn't he handsome??
My big boy...growing up way too fast!

Darci strikin' a pose! ha!

I LOVE this pic!!!
Our family of 5...waiting impatiently to be SIX!!!

What an awesome trip! Can't wait to take Miss Lily with us next year!
More pics to come..trip to Louisville, 4th of July..and more!