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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Myrtle Beach Fun!

We just got back from the beach. It was such a relaxing and much needed trip. I love taking pics and took 699 of them..ha. There was only one lens was foggy or dirty in a ton of them. :-( I was sooo disappointed when I looked at them...guess we better pack up and head back to the beach to get some more pics! So...for what it's are some unedited..foggy, pics of our fun at the beach this year.

Diva #1

Diva #2

It was a joy to see the girlies enjoying playing together on the beach!

Lily Pie got to spend some quality time with Popaw. The girls also spent a lot of time with Momaw and Aunt Deana...but we have promised one another that we will not post bathing suit pics from the neck I don't have any of those. :-(

Skim boarding rocks!

This is the banana boat crew! (bryson's blue eyes are so sensitive to the sun)

Derek Andrew, my nephew is getting so big..he'll be a FRESHMEN this year!

Darci and Brennan...inseparable!

One day Lola Joy put her arm around Lily Hope and said..."best friends"!!
Melt my heart!!!

I told the boys to play around and I would snap some pics...these boys are crazy! They were totally hammin' it up!!

Bryson was laughing so much fun!

Here's a pic of the whole clan!

We were so thankful to spend this year's vacation as a family of 6. We have spent the past 4 vacations dreaming of our family finally being together...and this year we felt complete! So thankful to God that we are finally all together. So thankful for the family He knitted together. So thankful for the miracle of adoption! Is God tugging at your heart to adopt, but you're ignoring the still small voice? You don't have enough money? You don't have it all together? What will people think? How will this affect your bio kids?? I can guarantee you will ROCK YOUR WORLD...You'll NEVER have ENOUGH $ but the Lord will provide what He favors...No one has it all together..but I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength..WHO CARES WHAT PEOPLE THINK...It will open your bio kids eyes and help them to look to others' needs instead of the needs of themselves...It WON'T always be PEACHY or PERFECT. It is often messy. There is brokenness. There is pain. But God will be FAITHFUL to complete the work He begins in you. Will you STEP UP for an Orphan??

Be the HOPE!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Gotcha Lola Joy- 2 years!!

Two years ago today...God gave us Lola Joy Kalkidane!!! Our hearts were so full of love for this sweet baby girl!

We were overcome and overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord. How He had chosen her for us...and us for her. He had gone before us. He had cared for her. He had loved on her.

And finally, we beheld God's precious gift. We celebrated that gift of JOY today. It was Lola Joy day!!

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown of our favorite spots.

Then we headed to get some Ice Cream..a favorite treat of LJ's!

Off to Graeter's we went!!!

Here she is...our spunky little bundle of JOY!!!

My life has forever been changed since I met this little girl. She is a one-of-a-kind treasure! She is sassy...spunky...sweet...loving...bossy....hilarious...super smart...and my daughter. So honored and blessed. So thankful we said yes to the call God placed on our hearts.


Be the Hope 4 Orphans!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5th grade grad...Headed for middle school...:-(

This was my sweet Brennan's last year of elementary school!! I cannot believe how fast his years of elementary have gone by.

Here he is ...Wow!! All grown up!! Gulp!!Here's his sweet cousin Darci. (I wish they could have walked in together! And somehow I didn't get a pic of them together?? How did this happen? Oh..I know...Lily Hope was really needing a nap at the time! Lol!!!

I know this pic is dark, but I just had to show cracks me up! Bren was asked by the principal to open graduation with prayer. You could barely see his sweet little head over the podium. Proud moment for this Momma!

Here's Bren and one of his best buds in the world. We are so sad to let this little guy go to another school. He has been such a great friend to Brennan and these two are quite the pair on the basketball court. Keegan, you will be greatly missed, but this is not the end to your friendship! You know you're always welcome in our home! We wish you the best sweet buddy!!

These are some of the sweetest kiddos I know!

These boys are family! Bren has grown up with these little men! We've grown to love them and are so proud of them!!!

As Brennan enters middle school, we can only pray for him. That God will guard his heart against the evil of this world. That he will rise up and be a Godly role model and leader. That he would stand up for what's right...and fight against what is wrong. That God will guide him and direct him. That He would place a hedge of protections around him. And that he will make an impact for Christ in all that he says and does!

God has big plans for you, Buddy. Can't wait to see what they are!

More summer updates to come. It's been so crazy around here with BASEBALL, BASEBALL, and MORE BASEBALL!!

Be the Hope 4 Orphans!