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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the mend...I hope!

It's been a long time! My entire family was after another! We've been through the ringer, but we're hopefully, FINALLY on the mend! Shew! God is good! Between ballgames, school, sickness, and a baby in the house, I rarely have time to do anything especially check blogs and update mine! Sorry! But I am going to try to post when I can! Little Lola Joy is 8 months and 3 weeks old. She is still doing so amazingly well. She is still bringing so much JOY to everyone she meets. She is now waving and waves and says "HEY" to everyone she meets...with a HUGE smile on her face, of course. If you say, "How big is Lola?" We say, " THIS BIG" and she puts her hands up over her head. She says "Mama" finally!!! She has pulled up on her toy basket as well as in her bed. She is a little dancer! Anytime she hears music she is movin' her little body to the beat! She loves ALL foods and would give up her bottle if we'd let her! She goes NUTS when she sees her bubba's after school. We race out of my vehicle into the house, wash our hands, and RUN to see our sweetie pie. We push and shove to see who can get to her first and by the time she hears us she is squealing with delight!! We are so blessed with three INCREDIBLE children! God is so good!!! So here are some pics!
Here are the kiddos at the Apple Barn in Gatlinburg!
I loved this fun pic of Daddy and his little monkeys!

How blessed am I???

Lola Joy had her first sucker!
I thought this was the funniest pic! I look in my rear view mirror and this is what I find!
Gotta love boys!!!!!!
Take care and have a blessed Thanksgiving!
We have sooo much to be thankful for!!!