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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Me and My BOYS!!

Here I am with my sweethearts on top of Ole Smokey!


Here's Bren and Daddy on the Sky Lift!! It was a beautiful day!

Here Comes Santa Claus?

Every year we take our boys to "The Christmas Place" in Pigeon Forge, TN to see Santa. They already told him what was on their lists and promised to be GOOD!! Let's hope they are!!

Our fam. at the Apple Barn

Here's a pic of our family waiting to eat at the "Apple Barn" in Pigeon Forge. Yum!!!!

Go Blue Thunder!!

Here is a pic of Bryson's soccer team, "Blue Thunder". Bryson is the one in front. Aren't they cute?? ( They came up with their own team name. Daddy is the coach!)

Yum! Yum!!

We made brownies and the boys LOVE to lick the beaters. Had to include this photo! It's one of my favs!!! (My mom always let me do the same thing.)

Oh Happy Day!!! We have a LID!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! The day we've long awaited!!!! Our Log In Date is officially October 9, 2007!!!!! We just got back from a mini vacation in the mountains and came home to find out that we had our log in date!! We were told this would take a while, so to be honest, we were SHOCKED to discover that the CCAA already had assigned us a log in date!! This means we are now officially COUNTING DOWN to receiving our baby girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how exciting this is for us. It is a huge hurdle that we've crossed!!

Thanks for your prayers!!! Now our prayer is that this process will begin to speed up. From this point, we're being told the wait time is 20-24 months, but the trend is that this wait time is growing. We're trying not to focus on this and praying for a miracle!! We're also praying for Lily's birthmother, her caregivers, and her health. We're praying that God will heal her broken heart and give her the ability to accept us as her forever family. Please join us in praying.

I'll be posting some pics of our trip to the be on the look out!!!


Friday, October 5, 2007

We have a DTC!!

We FINALLY have our DTC, Dossier To China date!!! Our dossier (paperwork) was officially sent to China on October 4th. It should take 3-5 days to arrive. Our agency reps will hand deliver it to the CCAA...and within four weeks of them having it, we should get logged it. We will receive our LID (Log In Date) within about 8 weeks. I will post as soon as I here something.

Pray that God does miraculous things and brings our daughter home in record time.

Thanks for Praying!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finally, some news!!!

SO SORRY it's taken me so long to blog. I truly couldn't bring myself to blog until I received positive news...and see how long it's been. We thought we would have had a LOG IN DATE already, but unfortunately we had a few bumps in the road. Our dossier team has been reviewing our docs..and we finally got word on October 1 that it was COMPLETE AND CORRECT. It has now been moved to translation. It should be send to China within a week. Hopefully then we'll get a Log in date so our wait time can actually start. To be honest, we were beginning to wonder if this was ever going to happen. I am really nervous about China adoption at this point, but have faith that God will see us through this.

Hopefully I will blog SOON with the news that the dossier has been sent to China and we can begin to nestle in for the "BIG WAIT".

Thanks for checking in...and sorry it's taken sooo long. PLEASE pray for us. We all need it. Especially our Lily Hope.

God bless!!