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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break and Easter

We enjoyed such an amazing spring break in Daytona Beach with Doug's family. It was so relaxing to get away from it all!! Here are tons of pics. Enjoy!I took this pic from our Hotel...breathtaking! Our 2nd day we headed to Sea World. Here we are waiting for a show.
Momma and her big boy:)
Daddy and his baby boy:0)
We ended the night with Shamu rocks!
Derek, Bryson, Brennan and Darci
These kids are growing up...and were so awesome to hang out with!!! Here they are on da beach!!!
Derek and Bren
Lola Joy wasn't so sure about the sand at first!


These pics crack me up. Here are the kids in action!
Niecie Darc, you are too much!!!
Bren makin' a big belly bustin' splash!

Derek..the almost teenager! What!!??:(

There was a great slide at the hotel. The kids (and adults) FLEW down!!

Lolee has this new face! WE ALL CRACK UP at her when she makes this face. She HAPPILY does it on command whenever we need a good laugh!!! PURE JOY!!!!
My three blessings...

Best hubby in the world!!!

Here we are on Easter Sunday. The sun was bright and we all have sensitive eyes, but oh well.
I love these sweeties!!!!
Me and my girl!
Momma and her boys!!!:) They take such good care of me!!!:) I just love how LJ has her hand on Bren's face.
These three couldn't adore each other any more!!!
The Easter egg hunt:)

Lola Joy enjoyed her first Easter Egg hunt...hunting for "BALLS".
We enjoyed celebrating the true meaning of Easter..HE AROSE...for you and for me!
Hallelujah, Christ arose!