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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

December in Review (I am SOO behind!)

In the beginning of December, we made our annual trip to downtown Cincy. We enjoy our special traditions of seeing the trains at the Duke Energy Center, going to the Conservatory, ice-skating at Fountain Square, and much, much more. This is what memories are made of. I will always treasure these precious times.
Our 1st Family of 5 pic at Fountain Square!:)

Daddy and Bryson still standing..for now.
Daddy and His Boys

Momma and her boys
(Sweet little Lolee was snoozing, so we took turns taking these pics.
I sat in a warm tent with her while Daddy and the boys skated!:)
Here the boys watched the ice being resurfaced.
The night couldn't have ended any better. We saw Santa, Reindeer, and elves repel from the top of a sky scraper...and went out with the bang of Fireworks. PERFECT!
Lola was pointed to her favorite thing....a HUGE Christmas tree in a hotel in downtown.
My three blessings!

The boys got these new shirts on Christmas morning.
It was one of their favorite gifts.
They are easy to please!

Do you think Lola Joy liked her new horsie???

Here are two sweet friends in matching pj's!!!

One night our friends, Heather and Corey came over to see L.J. crawl.
We all got silly by the end of the night. Here's everyone's best silly face!

Sophie's "monster Grinch" face


This pic makes me laugh so hard! Heather and Sophie look just alike!
Love you girls!
We got to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant with Doug's sister and the crew.
It was a blast! Here are the kiddos goofing around at dinner!

I never realized how much alike Darci and Deana look. Beautiful girls!
I LOVE this candid shot of Deana and Darryl. So in love!
After dinner we went to see Alvin and The Chipmunks...even Lolee!!!! (It was late...changed her into her jammies!! I took her out and put her to sleep a little ways into the movie.
Thanks for a great night of fun guys!

One night I went into Lola Joy's room to check on her and found her sleeping like this!!! I ran and got Doug and we just laughed. She is so funny! Love this little girl!!!!

Love that little booty in the air!

The kids so enjoyed the few days we had off from school.
Here's Brennan, Cole and Bryson
The 3 Musketeers!

Sophie was too busy making a princess castle to pose with the boys! Sweet!
The boys enjoyed playing army in the woods!
Sorry it's taken me so long. It's busy taking care of 2 active boys and a baby girl on the move! Lola Joy started crawling RIGHT after Christmas. Now she is everywhere and into everything.
Prayers for Haiti!!!!