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and advocate on behalf of the 143 million orphans around the world!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lily Hope Jiatong- Home 6 months!!

6 months ago today...
I held my Lily Hopers and brought her home to the U.S.

She was one scared, but PRECIOUS little girl!!

6 months later....
She is full of LIFE, LOVE, and JOY!!!
Lily Hope Jiatong, I'd choose you again...

And Again...

And Again!

Here are the girls on their first stroller ride together shortly after returning home from China. They weren't sure about each minute they were fine...the other minute Lily was kicking Lola and vice versa.
Here they are today!!! (NO KICKING and a WHOLE LOTTA LOVE!)

Little Miss Lily has made AMAZING strides in the last 6 months. As I think back to our first moments with her, I am simply amazed and so thankful for the progress that has been made. Lily was SUPER QUIET...I'm talkin' barely EVER made ANY babbles, no coos...NOTHING...for a while. And today, she is repeating everything we say. (Is it clear enough for everyone to understand...BY NO MEANS!) Lily receives speech therapy once a week. We partner her words with signs. All 6 of us are learning to sign together...and we love it! Lily had her cleft palate repaired in November, but developed another hole in the roof of her mouth. She will have another surgery to repair this, but our surgeon would like to wait until she is three years old. He says we will be able to do a full speech and language eval at this time and see if she'll have to have this other he'd rather do them both at the same time to save her from another traumatic surgery. We're totally fine with that as well. Lily has truly blossomed and is the silliest little one in our house. She now has a ready smile. She says mmm mmm and squeezes us to hug (this didn't happen in the beginning! She didn't want or really know how to be held, hugged, rocked, etc.) She says "Luh Muh" for LOVE YOU...but I know what she means!!! It means the WORLD to hear these to words come outta her sweet little mouth!!! Lily is a great eater. She loves to read books and play with her big sis. Their new thing is to hold hands and sing" ring around the rosies". LOVE IT!!! In the morning when I walk into Lily's room she says a quiet..."hi!". All I can say is, I am SOOOO thankful for my sweet, long awaited Lily Hope.I am so proud of her for learning to love and be loved!
Praise be the God for His INDESCRIBABLE gift!! We LOVE YOU Lily HOPE!!!

Love you FOREVER!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to my biggest boy and prayers for Ethiopia

11 years old!!?? Where has the time gone!!??

Brennan Douglas!!
Just typing that brings me to tears. ha..I'm so mushy! I have to say, I LOVE ALL FOUR of my kiddos so much! They are all SO different, so unique, so talented, and that's what makes them so special! Bren, you have a heart of gold. You're a go getter! Mr. Hustle. You give everything your all...110% Super athletic. Daddy's stand in when he's working or out of the house. You're an amazing big bro. The lil' sis' have you wrapped. And although you may not want to admit it, you and Bryson are inseparable and lost without each other! Your heart is so big. Your heart aches for orphans, the poor, and your newest endeavor CLEAN WATER! Love it! So proud of everything you stand for! I know God is going to do big things in you, He already is!
Love you forever!!
Oh..and that charity:water update...well...I promise it's coming. I can't wait!!!! AAAHHHHH!!!!
Have you given get??

Prayers for Ethiopia
I would like to ask for special prayers for Ethiopian Adoptions. My heart aches tonight in light of hearing of some changes that could be taking place as early as March 10. Last week, the Ethiopian Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) announced their intention to reduce inter country adoptions by a staggering 90% beginning March 10, 2011. Having been to Ethiopia, adopting a child from there, having friends who are currently adopting from there, and LEAVING behind little faces...ugh ...this news is truly breaking my heart. BUT...I have HOPE. My HOPE is not in the Ethiopian Program, it it NOT in MOWA, it is not in the people at the Embassy, but my HOPE is IN HIM. Jesus!!! Jesus, who IS MIGHTY TO SAVE. Praying on behalf of the Orphans who wait. Praying for the family's whose hearts ache. Praying that the people who are making these decisions become broken and SEE the faces of these children at night in their dreams. Praying that Satan takes a back seat, and that OUR MIGHTY GOD WILL INDEED....BE MIGHTY and SAVE!!!!