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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Ballgames of the Season

Tonight we attended our first baseball games of the season. Bryson is playing his first year of t-ball, and Brennan is playing in the minors this year. Proud as peacocks!! Check out the pics below!

Take me out to the ballgame!

Here's our little "Reds" player!
Here's our "Yankee" !
My favorite!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Doug!!!

Here's my honey on his 32nd birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, My love.
May the Lord Bless you and keep you!
May he give you many more healthy and wonderful years!
We love you, babe!!

Disney and Daytona totally rocked!!!


We were able to enjoy a terrific Spring Break Vacation in Disney World and Daytona beach. Disney was absolutely fantastic. We hit a perfect week. We had WONDERFUL weather (86 degrees or higher) and it was NOT crowded. We heard the week before we went was the busy week. We went with Doug's parents and his sister, her hubby, and their children. We couldn't have had a more amazing time!
Bren got pink eye, but the Lord was faithful. We were able to have a prescription called in and a drugstore delivered the med to our resort. He felt bad one day, and was much better by the next morning. (Thanks to the Lord!!!)
We enjoyed seeing the boys enjoy Disney. We wanted to go again before it wasn't "magical" anymore. They both wanted to ride all the big rides. Bryson was FEARLESS. He rode the "tower of terror" without a whimper!!!! So fun!!!
After a jam-packed schedule at Disney, we were able to VEG at Daytona beach. I was so thankful for that time! Again, the Lord blessed us. The weather was perfect. We all needed to be outside in the sun!!! The boys enjoyed finding clams, swimming, and building sand sculptures.
I have posted a TON, seriously, of pictures of our amazing time posted below! I never want to forget these times!!!!

Eat your heart out Emy, I posted a ton of pics!!!! I'll try to do better!!!

ENJOY!!! (LOOK BELOW) Be sure when you look at the Disney pics that you see them all. There are some on the "older posts" section at the very bottom, or you can use the side bar and click on all of the Titles. Enjoy.

Putt Putt in Daytona 2008

Tiger BrysonTiger Brennan
Mommy and her baby boy
Daddy and his big boy!
A photo taken by our son! (it's rare to have a pic. of the two of us!)
(oh--and yes..this is my beach hair!)

Sandsculptures In Daytona 2008

Great team work guys! This started as a nose and our sculptors got really creative!
Bat and Ball
Here's our terrific team of sculptors! You guys were amazing this year!!!!
I don't know if they will be able to top these! They certainly got a lot of attention from onlookers. They created these all in one day! WOW! Way to go, guys!!

Daytona 2008

Woo hoo!!!!!Cannon ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love goggle faces!!!

I LOVE this picture!!!!!

Daytona Spring Break 2008

My biggest boyMy big boy
The boys are working hard with Daddy!
"Mommy, I found a clam!"
Digging for clams

Disney 2008

I wish this was the "real" China...but it isn't.I can't wait to see this stuff in real life someday!
Breakfast with Donald at the Animal Kingdom was fantastic!

Disney 2008

Cutie Pies!I think everyone wore this hat on the trip!
The "infamous" M-i-c-k-e-y-....
Bryson couldn't wait to see PLUTO!!!
Chip and Dale were fun!

Disney World 2008

My Handsome 8 year old!!My precious 5 year old!
My 10 year old nephew! (10!!!???)
My 8 year old niecie!
Here's part of our clan waiting to get on a ride!

Disney 2008

Posing for a pic! (Am I blessed or what?)Bryson clown
The Fam at Epcot!
Brennan Clown!

Disney World Spring Break 2008

Mommy and BrysonBrennan and Daddy
Momaw Mouse!
Bryson HAD to have this Pluto hat!!

Here we are watching Disney's 4d production of Mickey's Philhar Magic! It was terrific!!!!Deana, Darci, Darryl, & Dennis
Bryson, Donna, Brennan and Derek
Mommy and Bryson

Breakthtaking...the Magic Kindgdom truly is magical!!!