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Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's HERE!!!!

Finally! Our I171-h arrived. My family went out to lunch yesterday. On the way up the driveway, my husband opened the mailbox. As he did, I said..."each time we do this my stomach hurts!" He looked up at me with this face and immediately I knew it must be the form we have been waiting for. I couldn't help but to get emotional and scream at the same time. Our boys were elated, too. I think they thought we were going to get our China Doll right then! Ha! I wish! Receiving this form only brings us one step closer to getting a LID (log in date). This is the date when China has received all of the paperwork they need from you and your 20 months of waiting begins. (As of now, the average wait for a fam. is 20 months. I know! It's crazy!) We should be going straight to our state capitol Mon. morning to get everything Authenticated. Doug called our adopton agency yesterday, and they said we have ALL of our required docs. So, as soon as we do this final step, we can send our dossier (paperwork) to our Angency. They will check everything thouroughly and translate it. Finally they will send it to China. We're very excited. Pray that all goes well in the final steps we have to take.
************************Praise be to God, for HE is good!!******************************

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