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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finally, some news!!!

SO SORRY it's taken me so long to blog. I truly couldn't bring myself to blog until I received positive news...and see how long it's been. We thought we would have had a LOG IN DATE already, but unfortunately we had a few bumps in the road. Our dossier team has been reviewing our docs..and we finally got word on October 1 that it was COMPLETE AND CORRECT. It has now been moved to translation. It should be send to China within a week. Hopefully then we'll get a Log in date so our wait time can actually start. To be honest, we were beginning to wonder if this was ever going to happen. I am really nervous about China adoption at this point, but have faith that God will see us through this.

Hopefully I will blog SOON with the news that the dossier has been sent to China and we can begin to nestle in for the "BIG WAIT".

Thanks for checking in...and sorry it's taken sooo long. PLEASE pray for us. We all need it. Especially our Lily Hope.

God bless!!

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