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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Father's Day Camping

Our first "real" camping trip and we were
successful in getting the tent set up! Shew!

My boys are so blessed to have THE BEST Dad

in the whole wide world!!!!!

We bumped into some of our

best friends that live about 30 min.

away from us. How cool!!! Here they are

monkeying around!

Here's a girl I can share anything with!

She is TRUE through and through.

Love you, Em!

Our first camping trip was a blast and it won't

be the last!! We're just getting started!

Happy Father's Day Doug! You're the best!!


Emy said...

Yay, pictures! By the way, I prefered the zoomed in shot on my blog, just so ya know!!! HA HA HA!!

Love you to girl!


Emy said...

I mean "too"