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Thursday, April 30, 2009

22 days and Praying!

Well, there are only 22 days until our court date. While at moments it seems like it's forever away, it's going to be here before we know it. I get a rush of emotions thinking about it. Thinking about how our lives will soon change. It makes me yearn and long for it to hurry up and get here in one moment, and in another moment it makes me remember to treasure each second we have with our boys now. I certainly don't want to wish away their lives. Their lives are already flashing before me. I wish you could hear their sweet prayers for their sister. Our hearts are being knitted together by THE ONE who knows all of our names. We are comforted knowing our Lola is being cared by her heavenly Father.

We have a sweet family that is going to Ethiopia tomorrow morning to get their sweet babies. They are going to be meeting the birth mothers on this trip, which happens to be where Lola is currently residing. She has agreed to act as a stork and bring Lola two hours into Addis where she will now reside in the "transition house". She will receive excellent care. We are so grateful to this sweet family!!!! I cannot tell you the peace I feel knowing she will be there. Please pray that the Lord helps her as she mourns for the ones who've cared for her up until this point. My heart breaks for the little on who has had to endure so much in her short little life. Please pray that the new nannies adore her and shower her with love and affection. Pray that she gets her tummy full of milk whenever she needs it. Please pray that she gets her blood work done soon and that it is all normal. Please continue to pray that we will find favor with the judge and pass on the first try. (Not all people do. Some people have a few court dates before being successful.)

Thank you sooo much for your prayers through this journey. It's an amazing ride, let me tell you. God is real. He is Faithful. He is Sovereign! He cares for the needy. He knows Lola's name. He has written her name on the palms of His hands!

Hopefully I will post updates from the woman who will be transporting our angel. She is sending us pics when she gets home. Can't wait to see her sweet face!

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Emy said...

It's so normal to be emotional, ha ha ha. But seriously... you don't want your boys to grow up so fast, and YOU WANT YOUR BABY TO COME HOME FROM ETHIOPIA! THAT IS NORMAL!