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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Child like faith

I can't believe we only have 3 days until court! Oh my. Can't begin to tell you how we're feeling. The boys just keep saying, "When we pass court...we are going to pass court!" Child like faith! They know how big our God is and they believe with all their hearts we are going to pass. I must admit, Satan is trying to get the best of me. I think it's a self defense mode our bodies kicks in to protect itself sometimes, too. I just don't wanna "get my hopes up"...HA!! That's an understatement. As if I can talk myself into believing that one.

My Hope is in THE ONE and ONLY God who REIGNS!

Hoping in HIM!


Emy said...

Your boys are just the sweetest!

Praying to hear you screaming with JOY on Friday... when you call me immediately. LOL!

Kristi J said...

Great meeting you...Will be praying for your court date...Our case will be heard Sunday night and everyone in our agency is called the next day EARLY, but that happens to be Memorial Day, so I won't hear until Tuesday now aggggghhhhhhh....oh well...I think we'll then travel on June 12th or 13th is what they are guessing..we'll see :) Can't wait to hear about your baby girl, kj

Garland Family of 5 said...

Praying like crazy here! Just know that we are thinking of you ALL and praying for good, good news on Friday. Oh, and after you call Emy ... you better be calling me!!