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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family night fun

Lola Joy LOVES to look at books and to be read to! Can't have family night without some serious wrestling with Daddy.
These faces crack me up!!!
Lola and her big bro. (with slobber running down his shirt and he doesn't care!)
Lola and her bigger bro! So sweet!

Can you say precious!?? God is so good!
The 3 Musketeers!
What a fun night.
Counting my blessings this day!


Emy said...

Oh my, Julie, that last picture just melted my heart! Love those 3kiddos so much!!!! God IS SO GOOD!!!
Love you!!!!

Garland Family of 5 said...

I LOVE the last pic!!! So cute! You all look so happy and just meant to be. Love you guys!

The Gutmans' said...

Wow!!! Of course your name sake at to look at all of you. God is good, he is mighty to save. We love you all!

The Niedermeyer's said...

Very precious little girl! I enjoyed reading your blog. to CCI and bringing 2 boys to America from Ethiopia

Lori and Robby said...

Just catching up on what's going on with you guys... I have tears of joy in my eyes for your sweet family!