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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Honor's Night

Last night we headed to school to honor the students in our school for a year of hard work. Here we are as we headed out the door. Here are three amazing kiddos.

They have worked so hard this year! I am so proud of them.
Here's Bryson with his best bud, Cole. So glad they were able to be in class together another year. I'm so proud of you boys!

The woman next to me has many titles; daughter, wife, mother, BEST FRIEND, and...

Teacher of the Year!
So proud of you, Heather for this great accomplishment.
You are so deserving of this great honor.
Love you my dear friend!

me heather
We left this evening so proud of our boys. Not only for their academic accomplishments, but for the little men they are becoming. This year, they raised over $10,000 to build TWO water wells in developing countries. That, is so amazing. You, my little friends, are CHANGING the WORLD. Can't wait to see what you'll do next year!
Love you tons!

Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!


Heather Kightlinger said...

Love the new picture with everyone looking and smiling! So proud of the boys on all their achievements and so thankful they have each other! Can't believe one is off to the middle school and the others to 'intermediate' grades! Tears! You know you are just as deserving of this award as me...we work as a team! So happy to be able to teach along with my best friend! Thank you for the sweet words! Couldn't make it one day without you!! Love you!!!!

Kim said...

You have beautiful children!!

Emy said...

What an awesome picture of your awesome kids! LOVE THEM! Congratulations to the kids for another great year, BRING ON SUMMER!!! :o)

And... CONGRATULATIONS to Cheddar, ha ha! Way to go Heather!

The Gutmans' said...

What a beautiful family, how did you get everyone to look at the camera at the same time, ha!! Way to go Bren & Bryson, woo hoo!!! Can't believe Bren & Shelby will be in middle school, gulp!!!!!

Way to go Heather, tell her congrats from me, that's awesome.

Amy said...

I came across your blog as I am looking for great images of charity:water in action. My husband and I are big supporters of clean water! I am using the images to create paintings and somehow fund raise for C:W. You have an image on your blog with a little boy by one of the wells with his hands under the water. He's wearing brown. Do you remember where you got this image? I need the full resolution to work with it. Thanks if you can help!