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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Invitation to the Governor's Mansion!

Brennan entered a poster contest at his school in the fall for "adopt a highway". He NEVER expected to do well, in fact, he cried about doing the project at all. I encouraged him to do his best...and that he did. His was sent to the state...and we got the news that he got 4th Place Honorable Mention and was invited to a luncheon at the Governor's mansion. He was presented with his poster framed and engraved, a 2009 calendar with all of the winners on the pages of the months, and a wonderful day off from school! We were SO PROUD of him!!

Here he is with our friend Vince, who just happens to be "Deputy Chief of Staff" for the Governor. He made a special stop over to see his buddy Brennan. Suuweeet!!!

The mansion was decorated so beautifully!!

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