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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Katie in Uganda

Not sure if I have mentioned this, but I stumbled upon a most inspiring blog. The blog address is I sort of use this blog as my quiet time, time to put things into perspective, time to center, time to "WAKE UP" and get over myself, if ya know what I'm sayin'. Anyway, if you haven't checked this out, DO IT. You will be blessed, inspired, heart-broken, and maybe even humbled and ashamed. The author of this blog is none other than a YOUNG, 19 or 20-year old girl who gets it. A girl who left the comforts and ammenities of the US and went to live in Uganda. She has adopted 10 children I believe. She comes to the states at times to raise money to feed, clothe, and get money to provide them with an education...but oh-does she do much, much more. Here is a little excerpt from one of her blog entries. It touched me so much that I wrote it down by hand and felt led to share it. Sorry, this is long, but she along with Paul unlocks an important "secret" that we all seem to miss.

From Katie's Blog--she had just come back to U.S. for a while to raise some money and was missing her children in Uganda...this is what she writes...

"While it has been my hands doing the work, I have done none of it. Often people ask me how I do it, and the answer is simple-I don't. A little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus. This plan, these accomplishments are not my own. I am dependent. Powerless. Weak. Drowning. And while all those adjectives should sound scary, they have found me in a beautiful place; a place where I can't go one minute without crying out to my Father or I will sink. I am grateful for this place.

Paul says in his letter to the Phillipians that he knows "the secret". He has been well fed and he has been starving. He has live in abundance and he has lived with nothing. His revelation? That he can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strenthens.

Sometimes I wish I was still living in the hungry, needy state in which I lived in Uganda. Sometimes I feel that it is easier to cling to Jesus in that state of having nothing than it is to cling to Him in my current state of abundance. But the thing is, although I am not physically hungry or in need, my soul is thirstier than ever. And Paul's secret remains true; as I let HIM strengthen me, there is NOTHING he can not accomplish through me. "

Let us live with the revelation that we have from Paul and from Katie and live each day allowing Christ to empower us in a way that only He can.


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