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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cutie Pie

Here was Miss Lola before we went out for breakfast.After breakfast, we decided to go to the pool area and sit in a lounge chair for more bonding!

She was smiling and talking up a storm!

We are so blessed to have such a happy, content baby girl!

More smiles!
Lola has been true to her name...a true JOY to be around. She slept well last night. She went to bed at about 7:30 and woke at midnight to eat, and 4 to eat, play and poop. She didn't even cry in the night. She just let us know she was hungry by grunting and making little noises. Today we decided we needed to do some bonding around the hotel. We all took a nap..a long one ...jet lag hit us today. ha! Lola loves to be talked to, played with, and sung to.
Our boys have been busy. We are REALLY missing them. So thankful they are hanging in there.
We can't wait to get home and be one big happy family!!
Hugs and Kisses to our boys!!!


Donna said...

Bryson says no fair because you guys have Lola. He also says her smile is so cute. Brennan says "I miss you and can't wait til you get home and give Lola a big hug and kiss for me, only. Don't steal any more kisses. Miss you!!!! Momaw and Popaw just think she's adorable. Everybody at church thinks she is so pretty and adorable. We've been showing her off. Have fun and we love you!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Glad to hear you had a good night! Sophie loves the video! She keeps saying...again! Love the bow! Hope you enjoy a relaxing day with your baby girl!

Emy said...

YES... A smile and a bow!! Love it. She is so so so precious! I'm so excited you guys had a day for bonding. Just what you ALL needed! :)

Happy 4th months old Lola Joy!!!

Are you able to read our comments?

Deana said...

Thanks for the bow!!! Darryl and I love Lola's smiles, but we think Doug's smile is priceless!!!!!! I had the awesome privilege today of giving an update during the announcements at church. Everyone is very happy for all of you. I think Lola gets prettier by the day! We love her! Derek and Darci went to eat with Momaw, Popaw and the boys today. They are in love with Lola!!!!!!!

Ashlee said...

What can we say we think she is absolutley precious.... We are headed to Disney World and we cant wait for you all to get back...We miss ya! See ya soon love Amber and Ashlee

Garland Family of 5 said...

She is just precious! Enjoy your time together and all of the hugs and kisses that I am sure you are giving her!

linda t said...

I am sitting here in tears... she is so sweet!!! She is the most beautiful when she is in her parents arms. You all have done a great thing by giving this little girl a loving and godly home. You will be blessed for rescuing her and loving her enough to travel across the world for her. We are all praying for you, all 5 of you. I love you all, get home safe!!

Aunt Linda
PS: Jaden wants to use her picture as his screensaver. LOL