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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our baby girl was so tuckered out today as we had an adventure!Here she is before we left for our embassy appt. All smiles.

She is learning to hold her new toys.
Well, today was an adventure to say the least! Any ride in a car or bus is an adventure in Addis!!! You fear for your life each and every time you set foot in the vehicle. There are no car seats or seat belts, and there seem to be NO RULES or LAWS to follow. Drivers fly everywhere they go, they honk the horn a lot, and they will hit you if you get in their way!:) There are people and animals EVERYWHERE here and drivers seriously brush by them and I close my eyes and pray that we don't hit them! The roads are extremely bumpy, so today Doug and I both got VERY car sick on the way to the appt. and on the way home. When we arrived at the embassy, we went through security then headed upstairs to wait in a room full of people. We were nervous even though we were assured there was nothing to worry about. A man called our name first. We went up to a window and were asked a variety of questions about our daughter. We answered honestly, and nervously. The man was very serious. Finally he said, CONGRATULATIONS!! Yay!!!!! We were so happy! We were asked to have another photo of Lola taken for her visa, so we would have to do that before we came back to our hotel. The other families did well too. We went to the streets and were going to do some shopping, but then it started to rain..then pour. We had no umbrellas or anything, so we really didn't want to be in the rain with a four month old. The other families agreed, so we hopped back on our bus to head back. This is where Doug and I proceeded to get sicker and sicker. His face was turning green, and I was holding poor Lola who was trying to sleep with all the bumpiness...I mean HUGE BUMPS!! We went to get the photos for the visas and our driver was leading us to this place and I stepped out of the bus and gagged! Doug looked at me like what are you doing!? I couldn't help it! lol! I wish you could have seen us! We got the photos and left...for some more bumps and literally almost crawled to our room to lie down and rest. I gagged again on the way up to the room. We never threw up, but we wished we had. Lola was an angel through it all. Such an easy going baby!!! So thankful for that!!! Tomorrow we have a driver taking us shopping and to see our daughter's birthcountry. We will be taking lots of pics and buying some souvenirs. Looking forward to it, but we WILL take dramamine first!!!! :)
Brennan and Bryson, we miss you and love you!!! You are the best boys ever! Your sister says she wants to go to Myrtle Beach! Who wants to hold her first??!! Flip a coin and let us know.
God is so good to us! To Him be all the Glory and Praise!
D and J
ps. Thanks for all the encouragement through your comments. It helps when you are missing home so much!!!:(


Garland Family of 5 said...

Hey guys. Wow, that is an experience I am sure you will NEVER forget. Dramamine, sounds like a good idea, as well as a bag and a mask. Ha! Love seeing all of the pics! Enjoy seeing Lola's homeland. No news here ...praying for you all!

Deana said...

Oh my gosh! I definitely would have thrown up! It sounds like you have a jewel in your daughter to be able to handle all of that. I hope you don't get sick tomorrow. We love you!

Donna said...

It really makes you appreciate law and order, doesn't it. The pictures are so cute. She really looks happy and contented. By the way, Deana really would have thrown up. You all stay safe. Keep the pics coming.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your Embassy appointment!!! I am sure that is a relief too! Only a few more days until you are home!! She looks beautiful again today! The smiles seem to get bigger each time we see her! Enjoy your day exploring tomorrow! We miss you guys!

JulieL said...

Julie and Doug, We have so enjoyed reading and seeing the pics! I really did LAUGH OUT LOUD today at you Julie with you gagging!!! I can see you now!!!!!!!! I know how you and your gagging senses are HAHAHA! And I can see Doug asking what are you are doing!? I am laughing while typing!!! Praying for your safety and continued happiness with your beautiful princess!! :-)

The Gutmans' said...

She is beautiful!!! I cant think of a better family that God could have blessed her with!!!

Praying for your safe trip home.

Crystal, Chad, Lexi, & Addi Hoehn

Ashlee said...

She is gorgeous!!! And looks like a very happy baby! Only a couple more days until your home! We are so excited to meet Lola! We miss you and love you! See ya soon!

peg521 said...

You have a beatiful daughter. I know you can't wait to get her home and settled in with the boys. It won't be much longer now. Have a safe trip home.
Peggy Whalen

Emy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a huge day for your incredible family!!!

I was totally cracking up when
I read the part about you gagging! ha ha ha ha! I could practically hear it as I was reading your post!

Love her pictures! Keep 'em coming!!! We were at Kings Island all day and I couldn't stop thinking about getting home to check your blog! :o)

B.J. said...

Loved the video! Look's like Lola's gonna be a singer like her momma. I hope that you and Doug are holding up OK. (I get car sick as well - so I feel your pain sister!) Keep us posted. Love ya!

Elisa said...

What can I say but she is toooo precious! Tucker has been anxious to hear all your updates & see all the new pictures every day. She truly is a blessing to you but you are also a blessing to her... Doubly Blessed!! Hang in there and take that Dramamine!