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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So, what have we been up to?

We went to King's Island the day before school started trying to squeeze in one last hoorah!
Lola rode the Grand Carousel for the first time!Sweet boys!
I love these faces!!!!!

Woo hoo!

We visited the Aquatic Center with great friends!

Here's the whole crew!

Lola catching up on her beauty sleep while everyone else had a big time!

The "pencil".

Goggle faces!
Isn't this the cutest pic?

Here we are at the Reds game! They actually won!

On the rainy days, the boys rode in the mud! Fun stuff!

I love my little men!

Lola gettin' lovin's from Zoey!
Tummy time!

She plays with her hands and feet!

Sweet smile!
Bryson on Big Blue!

Bren on Big Red!

It was an amazing end to our summer!
Missing the boys, but enjoying my time at home with Lola Joy!


Emy said...

Love all the pictures. What a beautiful family! Maybe I'll be motivated to start posting on my blog again. :o)

Love you!

Emy said...

BTW... except for the cool quads and the beautiful baby girl, I have almost identical pictures. LOL!!!!!

Donna said...

Love the first picture of Lola with mom and dad. It's just the cutest smile. And of course I love the mud on the boys. They certainly know how to have fun.