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Monday, March 8, 2010

My first born is TEN!!!??? (TEARS!!:)

Brennan Douglas,
I cannot believe you are TEN..DOUBLE DIGITS! Just typing that gives me a huge GULP in my throat and instantly brings me to tears. Ugh! Where has the time gone? You are one amazing kid! You are an amazing big brother...being a good example for the little eyes watching you. Cheering on your little brother and teaching him all of your moves. Loving on your baby sis, and playing such an active role in their lives. You are a great leader and role model. Just simply an upstanding young man. You are so athletic. You were active in my tummy and learned to RUN instead of 7 months old, mind you!! You are so smart. Everyone has always referred to you as a little man. Your kind and compassionate heart melts me. I love how you step into the "man of the house" role when Daddy has to work. We are so thankful to God for you and blessed by your presence each and every day!
Love you and Happy 10th birthday buddy! Nice aviators!
Dream BIG!! Too funny! I love you little man!!!


Garland Family of 5 said...

Happy Birthday Brennan! All these birthday posts makes me wonder when Lily's birthday is ... Maybe March 4th or 5th - haha! So glad you all are celebrating all the blessings God has given you. We love you guys and miss seeing you!

Emy said...

ha ha ha, I was thinking the same thing Heather... but I was thinking March 27th or 29th. ;o)

I can't believe Brennen is ten, I have the big gulp in my throat too! And I can't believe you and Doug have been parents for 10 years either. Didn't I just skip your wedding? ha ha ha! Love you all!!! Happy Birthday Brennan, and Happy birth-day to you, Mommy!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday! THat is hard, 10!!

Such a preciuous pic below too and I adored your comment, you made me LOL!!

Donna said...

I can't believe our Brennan is 10. I remember rocking him at least 45 minutes in my arms after his 15 minute nap, so that he would at least get an hour nap. Love you Brennan.

Kerri said...

Just looking at pictures the other day from your surprise shower at school! Can't believe B is 10! Happiest of days to you all!!