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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pics from Lola's 1st birthday party

Just a few pics...I took like 200...or more...but just wanted to share a few. Enjoy.

The balloons
the cake
smash cake
My hubby made our boys a rocky horse for their first birthday. He has been working on this ...he still has some finishing touches to do, but isn't it lovely? This was his idea...and HE DESIGNED it and made the entire thing himself. These gifts are so special. Wow! What a man! Love you Daddy! Here she is just gettin' started.
She just experimented a little... tasted a little...but she really wasn't sure. We tried to get her to really get into it, but my dainty girl didn't like gettin' her hands too dirty. (I'm sure that will change. It's baseball season and from the way it sounds, we'll be at the ball field ALL SUMMER!! I am sure she'll get over being dirty!)Lola Joy enjoyed EVERY second of the special people that were at her party and the gifts she received. Thanks to everyone who made this day soooo special.
Love to you all!


Emy said...

FUN! Sweet baby girl!!! Love that outfit and the cake! ;o)

Garland Family of 5 said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! She is just the most precious little thing! Can't wait to see you all, soon I hope!

And the giraff is just precious!

Love you all!