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Friday, July 30, 2010

Our immigration paperwork updated...FINALLY!!!!!

YAHOOO!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how SUPER excited I am to share good news about our China adoption! After much PRAYER, many tears, and a looong wait, our immigration paperwork arrived in the mail TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been the thing that has been holding up our process! I can't tell you what an agonizing summer it has been..just waiting and wondering. ..and worrying..but God has moved that mountain!!! Thank you, Lord!!! This just means that our agency can now send our letter of acceptance to China and we can now be waiting for our Travel Approval. It is my understanding that it takes 2-4 wks to receive your TA, or travel approval. Once you receive this, your agency makes a consulate appt. and you can plan your travels to China!!!! Woo hoo!!!! Please pray that everything goes smoothly from this point out, and that we can go and get our sweet daughter who is waiting for us.
We're coming soon, Hopie!!!!!! Love you sweet baby girl!!!!
update* According to our agency..we should be traveling in 5-8 weeks!! Pray for two letters...TA!!!


Emy said...

AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!
Get that sweet baby girl of yours HOME already! ha ha! We love you sweet little Lil and can't for you to be with your family! WOO HOO! Go God! :o)

Sheila Lewis said...


The Gutmans' said...

Yeaahhhh!!!! Can't wait for your China Doll to come home and join her awesome 2 big brothers and her sweet big sister, wow!!! Praying for you all, ly!!