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Friday, July 9, 2010

Guess who stopped by for a visit??

On my birthday, we had very special guests!! Yep, Emy Ben, and Eva came over for our first visit since bringing Eva home.Here is the PROUD and AWESOME big brother with little sis!Momma with her TWO babes!
The boys ran upstairs to play Rock Band right away. We were curious as to how our girls would interact with one another. They blew us away! At first Eva sat on Em's lap and Lola in mine. Then they started playing around one another looking at each other, and by the end..well a picture is worth a thousand words!
Lola's had some binky's in the floor. The girls are looking at them. (Eva doesn't have a binky.)

Emy told Eva to give Lola her she did! Then..
She thought she'd try one out for herself. Just to see what all the fuss was about! Ha! She was seeking her Momma's approval. Too cute!
Love this shot! These two were the exact same size!!!! (The girls matched..Em got Lola and Eva I heart my B.F.F. shirts. FUN!)

This is hilarious!!! What a funny girl!!!!

Time for a photo shoot in Lola's room.
When Lola smiled..Eva didn't.
When Eva smiled..Lola didn't. Ha. (Lola was saying Cheese!)
Then Eva was like, "I am so over this!" :-)

The girls gave bye bye kisses, until next time!!:-)

What a fun day! Eva is doing amazing! She is talking so well and understanding everything! What a vibrant little girl! Her big brother is INCREDIBLE! Her love for her brother and Momma is so obvious! (and her Daddy too..he wasn't there. Missed you, Scott!) So proud of this family stepping out in FAITH! Lola and Eva will be lifelong friends...whether they like it or not! Ha!

Thanks Meiners Family! We LOVE YOU!!!


Donna said...

So precious!!! It'll be fun to see how they grow up together and share secrets we'll never know about.

The Gutmans' said...

Oh my goodness, the pics brought me to tears!!! They could not be any more beautiful!!! Sorry, I missed your b-day, my mind has been crazy lately, I don't know why, ha!!! We'll have to celebrate when Cooper gets home with a big chocolate cake. Love ya!!!