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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to school (better late than never..right?)

So, I'm a little behind on our end of summer/back to school adventures. (I wonder why??!!) I couldn't let this year go by without saying that the boys, Lola Joy and I have all transitioned well back into the routine. We are soo close and SOOO enjoy our summers together, so back to school for us is ALWAYS an adjustment. This year, God has really prepared our hearts and we all transitioned fairly easily. To God be the Glory! We are so blessed! Brennan is in 5th grade this year. His teacher has been teaching for 33 years. She is a mentor to so many including myself. So, he is doing great! Bryson is in the 2nd grade and is also super blessed to be with such a lovely, experienced teacher. These teachers rock! Yay!! We prayed all summer for the boys, their classes, and their teachers! God is good! Lola Joy got right back into the swing of going to Momaw's and is working puzzles, playing, and enjoying the time alone with Momaw all to herself. (not for long!)

Brennan Douglas

Bryson QuinnBryson and his teacher
Um..well, no pic of Bren and his teacher. Doug said I wasn't allowed to take his pic in front of his friends this year or I would get him beat up. :-( So, it'll have to come another time. L:-)
And...Miss LJ

** We had a wonderful weekend. We packed our suitcases and began checking all of our lists and checking them twice. We are so worried we might forget something important. Although Doug has two kidney stones, we are still Giving God the Glory and are focusing on this journey He has prepared for us, knowing He will work it all out. Pray for Doug as he has surgery tomorrow morning to have his stones broken up. Sunday night we took the kids on a picnic and then came home and let them run around in the water sprinkler. LJ was naked..HILARIOUS! It was just what we all needed...time together. Looking so forward to Lily Hope joining in on all of our craziness. So thankful for your prayers!



The Gutmans' said...

They are too handsome & getting too big. That's hilarious about BDS. Sooo happy that your transition to this school yr has been a great 1, I had been praying it would be, can't wait to see you all as a family of 6, it's an awesome number, ha!!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow night, love you all!!! Said a special prayer for your sweet hubby!

Matt, Sara, Parker, Lleyton, and Addis Ritzmann said...

We are really excited for you guys.

I keep forgetting to contact you...when we were in ET one of the nannies asked about Lola Joy and wanted me to give you her email address so that she could keep in touch and see pictures of her. She really misses your little girl. Shoot me an email and I will pass along her info.

Have fun packing for China!


Emy said...

Funny, I didn't get a picture of Ben and his teacher this year either! Boo! These boys need to stop growing up! ;o)


Garland Family of 5 said...

Love the pics ... you are so far ahead of me ... I haven't even downloaded ours yet. To China to china you go ...can't wait to see your Lily in the pics with Bren, Bryson and Lola soon! Love you all!