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Sunday, October 17, 2010

One month home!

As I look back on our first day with our daughter, I am amazed at the journey the little girl in this picture has been on and the strides she's made since being with us.
She became an instant baby sister to three other siblings. Here she is with her "big sis".
Monkey see, monkey do.
Lola got a baby doll brush and decided to play hair salon with Lily. ;-)My girls LOVE to be read to...have I mentioned they have the best big bros? I am tellin' ya, they do this all the time...without being asked. I wish I had a pic of Bryson with them, but I don't, but he is ALWAYS entertaining them and making them laugh!!!
Lily and her thumb.. We have lots of pics with her sucking her thumb. It is her best friend. ha. I don't know what we will do when her palate is repaired and she has weights on her thumb for at least 10 days...please pray for us!! ha.

As I looked at the first pic and remember back to Lily and the transformation she has made since meeting her, I'm emotional. I have to say, this little one has had a rough life. What she has endured in her little lifetime is one that NO CHILD or human being for that matter should ever have to go through. BUT, the fact that she is here, the fact that she fought through, she didn't give up, she IS just brings me to tears. My girls are so true to their names...JOY and HOPE. Lily is HOPE. Lily has learned so much. She has opened up a lot, although I cannot wait to see her continue to develop, open up, and grow and become the beautiful butterfly that was once hidden...hidden in a cocoon. She has seen many dr's and will see many more. Her palate repair surgery is scheduled for Jan. 11, but we're on the waiting list if someone cancels. We would like to get her in as soon as possible, as we know this will help her be able to communicate with us. But right now, for us and for Lily, we are working each day her help her feel wanted and loved, safe and happy, and to learn all she can. Seeing her smile until her brown eyes disappear, hearing her quiet giggle once in a while, watching her interact with her brothers and sister, reading stories, singing songs (Father Abraham with Daddy is a hoot! Wheels on the bus with Lolee), and sneaking in a snuggle are all we need.
We are so proud of you, Lily. You are a treasure!!!!!!


The Ritzmanns said...

We're glad to hear things are going well. Your kids are so cute.

The Ritzmanns

The Gutmans' said...

Wow & tears.. Amazing to say the least, she is beautiful, the big smile, those big cheekers, I just want to kiss um. Love the pictures, she does have awesome big brother's & big sis. Love the monkey see monkey do, we have 2 of those too, priceless. We will continue to pray for your little Hopers, her surgeries to come, & total healing. We love you Hopers!!!!!!

Garland Family of 5 said...

What a beautiful post as always and thanks for always reminding me "No Matter What". So thankful for your friendship and understanding. This road is not always easy, but no matter what, we have been called to be these girls mommies. Love you all!

stacy said...

So sweet! She looks great! I love the pics of the girl in their jammies! I feel your pain re: thumb sucking. Cadence does the same and we have 2 more weeks of restful sleep before it taken away with her palate surgery. Sigh.

Karen said...

I love the picture of big brother reading to his little sisters. That just warms my heart! I am happy to see that everyone is doing so well. Hugs and kisses to you guys!