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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baseball, Honors Night, and Sneaky Pete!

As promised, pics of Bren doin' what he loves!He takes it sooo seriously.

Monday night was honor's night at school. All I can say is I'm one proud Momma.
Here is Bryson with his best bud, Cole...a.k.a. "Tole Tole" (via Lola):)

Here's Bren and Darci. So proud of these two. They are each other's BIGGEST fans!

Darci, Bren, and buddy Keegan
And for Sneaky Pete...hmmmm.
I wonder how this bag from our fruit loops box got in the middle of the kitchen floor?
Oh--wait...there's a clue!!! (Or is that the prize Kelloggs left in there?) ha!!

Caughtcha stuffin' your face, girl!!

So blessed to be on this journey of life with my sweet, sweet kiddos, friends and family.
Counting down to summer break!!
8 more days!!!

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Donna said...

Lola would eat junk food all day if we let her. She's almost too smart for her own good. Love that girl. And so proud of Brennan, Bryson, and Darci for receiving their awards on honors night. God has truly blessed us with some amazing children.