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Friday, May 21, 2010


Stay tuned to upcoming exciting news. We will share news when we are allowed to. Our agency has requested that we not share any news until we receive one more "official" piece of sorry. Wish I could share more!!!


Emy said...

AHHHHH!!!!! Can't wait to hear your announcement!!!!!!!!!!

The Gutmans' said...

We are praying for you all!!!!!

Craig, Val, Ty, and Caleb said...

Your post regarding Lily Hope was so much a reflection of my feelings throughout our adoption journey. I tried to read the post aloud to Craig, but had to stop several times due to my voice cracking and the inability to see through my tears. I have told many people that I felt our wait for Avery took so long because God had much workto do to prepare us for his plan. I was so very convicted at our first meeting with the social worker in May 2006 when she asked if we were open to a child with special needs. At the time Ty was 3.5 yrs and Caleb 17 months old and my thought was there is no way I could manage. God consistently put people and circumstances in our path to encourage, grow my faith and eventually lead us to our sweet, precious Avery. Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! With prayers, Valerie Martin