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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ethiopian Play Date

Our family was invited to an "Ethiopian" play date with some families that live nearby. We were hosted by the sweetest family that made some delicious authentic food for all of us.(and by authentic, I mean...they were from Ethiopia and moved to the states some years ago.) Here's what was on my plate. I wasn't great with my camera..just snapped a shot here and there..sad I didn't get to snap all of the sweet families that were there..but here are just a few...
Check out these sweet boys!!!

And precious girlies! (This was the best shot I was able to slobbery bib, snot and all! ha)
This little one was too cute in her pink boots!
These boots were made for walkin'!
And yes, we attempted to capture a shot of all of the kiddos...I think they did quite well for 14 of them! Ha!!!
Felt so blessed to fellowship with other families who "look like ours" ...sort of. I know how important it is for my girls to get together with children from their birth country and celebrate their heritage and culture.
Red and Yellow black and white...they are precious in his sight!!!
Love love love this picture and hope to share and fellowship with these beautiful people again soon!
Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!


Emy said...

It was such a great night and so much fun to see all the kids together! I might have to swipe a couple of these pictures because my camera STINKS! :o) Love you guys!!!

Sheila Lewis said...

I love that once your eyes are open you see all sorts of amazing things you never saw before.

The Ritzmanns said...

We had a great time too.

You're right, Helen, Ben and Liya are great.

We'll have to make it happen again soon.

The Gutmans' said...

Awesome, love it!! I recognized the Injera, Coop's favorite!!

Shari said...

Ok, I've been scanning thru Cci emails and took a quick look at your blog. You pumpkin patch pics have to be at bi-water! So I assume you are a Kentucky family too! We're the mounce's. We live in stamping ground.

Lori and Robby said...

Hi Julie, I love seeing pictures of your sweet family! Thanks for sharing the blog of the family moving to Guatemala. I read that they will be working with Orphan Resources -- a much needed ministry in Guatemala!