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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fun at home with the kiddos and Lily's surgery

One evening we were hanging out at home..and I caught some random cuteness!!!
The girls leanin' in for a little smooch! awww!!! Melt this Momma's heart!
Look at those smiles! Like my hair??

Sweetness to the CORE!

I looked in the kitchen and found these it!

Then I heard laughing coming from this direction and found these two!

I am completely blown away by the transformation happening in front of my eyes daily. Lily Hope is doing so, so well!!! We fall more and more in love each day. She is just such a sweet, sweet little soul!!! She is really coming out of her shell! She smiles all the time with us...and laughs with us. I will hear laughter amongst the little girls and look and they'll be chasing each other around the house, or playing's simply AMAZING and MIRACULOUS! I can honestly say that the girls are bonding so well with one another. Lola ALWAYS asks for Lily first thing in the morning..or yells "Lil...Lil!" It's priceless! Lily follows Lolee around everywhere...and the girls are of course SO FOND of their big bros. Lola yells, "BOYS!" through the house until she finds them. They ALWAYS make time for the little sis'. It's precious. I am so blessed and so thankful that these four children have bonded together by Christ's hand! He has placed his healing hand on our little HOPERS and she is a treasure! We are so thankful He chose US to be her forever fam!!!!
Lily has her cleft palate repaired on Tuesday. We ask that you keep our sweet angel in your prayers. This is a tough surgery for any little please pray for rapid healing, for a successful repair, and for our baby as she will miss sucking her right thumbie for an extended period of time due to these little arm splints she will have to wear. :-( Lily will be in the hospital until she can eat (pureed foods) and drink on her own. I will be staying with her in the evenings at the hospital for as long as she has to stay and Doug will be home with the other troops at home. We covet your prayers and will try to update on the surgery with pics when we can.
Be the HOPE 4 Orphans!


Garland Family of 5 said...

Lily looks amazing and even more sunshine in her beautiful eyes than since we saw her. She really looks like she is in total awe of her big sis. And your boys, well, what can I say? They are just precious! Looking forward to Bryson being my son-in-law someday (ha!). Tell him his girl misses him. :-) Love you all!

The Ritzmanns said...

Your boys (and girls of course)couldn't look any sweeter. I hope the procedure goes well on Tuesday. We would love to get together sometime. Addy needs more time with little girls.

Let us know when Lily is feeling better and we will get together.

The Gutmans' said...

So excited to see your post today & see pictures of the sweetest family!!!! I love how when Hopers smiles her eyes almost disappear, she is such a blessing! What awesome big brothers and a big sis she has, her parents aren't too shabby either, ha!! Love you guys, praying, praying for Hopers surgery on Tuesday, please let us know if you need anything at all!!!! Love you guys

Valerie said...

Many prayers for Lily's surgery on Tuesday. I love looking at your new pictures. I bet your home is amazingly exciting all the time. What love in all your precious children's faces. God is so faithful.

Valerie said...
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stacy said...

Loving all of the pics of your kids and Lily... she looks so happy! I'll keep her in my prayers for her surgery. Cadence is 2 weeks out and just got her blanket back last night. She finally slept through the night again! Good luck to you all!

Emy said...

Love all these sweet pictures, and the Halloween ones too!!! Your children are just so adorable! You can definitely tell how well Lily is adjusting to her amazing family!

PRAYING for her surgery and recovery and for all of you while you have to be apart!