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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check out these new reads I picked up!

On one of our snow days the kids and I decided to venture out. One of our stops was at the local Family Christian Store. I was eager and thirsty for a new study. I knew what I was looking's one of the books I got. Just starting to read the first couple of chapters of this has already challenged me to the CORE! WOW! I think everyone needs to read this. I pray that it doesn't just challenge me, but it CHANGES me! I want to SHARE JESUS WITHOUT FEAR!! Check it out!
I also picked up this little very simple daily devotional. Sarah Young, the Author, has written daily messages from Jesus' point of view. Here is an excerpt from Feb. 15th.
"When anxiety attempts to wedge its way into your thoughts, remind yourself that I am your Shepherd. The bottom line is that I am taking care of you; therefore, you needn't be afraid of anything. Rather than trying to maintain control over your life, abandon yourself to My will. Though this may feel frightening--even dangerous, the safest place to be is in My will."
Love this book! Go get yours!
Here's a book my BFF and I are going to study. We were desiring a small group study of sorts and our churches weren't really offering a whole lot right now, so we decided to start up our own SMALL group of sorts:) I believe we can ALL relate to insecurities! After all, I think we women invented it! I know I have my share!



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Sharon said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I can't tell you how much I appreciate hearing from you. Your family is amazing...and too adorable for words!! I need to go check out these books, Thanks so much for recommending them . John and i are in a bible study and we are discussing how tough it is., Keep in touch!!
God bless you!!'