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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Georgia on my mind! Boys' and Darci's Party

Today we celebrated Bryson, Brennan, and Darci's birthday with Doug's side of the family. At every family gathering, however, there is something missing...our GEORGIA family. Doug's Mom has a sister that lives in Georgia with her beautiful family. There isn't a party or holiday that goes by that they aren't missed. This post is for you guys in Georgia...WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!
The birthday kiddos!Mamaw and Jaden snuggling on the couch.

This cracks me up! Lotta love in this family!
I told Darryl and Tim to get together and show some love! Love it!

Then the silliness continued! Dennis (Doug's Dad) and Doug
Beautiful ladies! Caitlyn with her Momma, Linda.
Derek hangin' with Momaw Donna
Doug's big sis, Deana. (I was taking her pic at the same time.)
Doug's Aunt Linda and Tyler
Nothing like a Mommy and her baby boy~

Aunt Linda and Lolee
Derek having some Lola Joy time:)
Silly Nay Nay!Mamaw Edith and the Gang!
We were singing Happy Birthday to Brennan. Think he was embarrassed?
Darci making a wish! May all your wishes come true, my sweet~

Near the end of the party we got lazy!
Uncle Doug and Niecie Darc!
Cozying up
One big, happy family!

Again, love and miss you Georgia crew! Come and see us soon!!!
So super blessed to have the most fun, and loving family!
God is soooo good!!!!


Kathy said...

Thank you all so much for sharing. I miss and LOVE you ALL so much. I should have looked at this at home instead of work. I am sitting in my office crying like a baby. My group does not know what to think. Kentucky just better watch OUT. The Georgia crew with a couple of South Carolinians will be coming up the week of June 14th. I can't wait!!!

Donna said...

Love the picture of the kids with mamaw Edith. Kathy, we're so happy you are coming in June. We need to see Zayne before he gets so big. I see pictures of him that Tiffany puts on facebook. Everyone is very excited to see all of you. We have two extra bedrooms if you need to spread out some. We would be glad to have you. Keep in touch. Love you!!!

Deana said...

Great pics, JuJu!! Kathy, we absolutely can't wait to see all of you. I'm so glad you're coming in the summer so we can spend time together. Maybe you guys can help us celebrate Derek's, Tyler's, and Caitlyn's 13th Birthdays! I can't believe we're going to have teenagers.

We love you and can't wait for Zayne to join in the fun!

Aunt Linda said...

We are all so blessed, and so happy that Lola Joy is our baby. It is amazing how she is the icing on our cake. (she will eat all your icing too) I love all you so much, and thanks for letting me be a part of your lives!!

Emy said...

Awesome post! I know how you feel about missing family... I hate that my Wisconsin family is so far away, especially around special occasions! They are all saving up vacation days to hopefully come and visit Eva this summer!!!!

Renee Swope said...

Lola Joy reminds me so much of my sweet Aster. And just like our family, the princess is adored by her two big brothers!!

When did you bring her home? And are you in NC?