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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lola Joy's First Birthday!!!

This is long, but I just went with my heart. There are lots of pics near the end:)
Approximately one year ago, a baby girl was born in Ethiopia, Africa. She was very much loved. Loved by her birth-mother, her family, and most importantly loved by her heavenly Father. Tonight, that baby girl is sleeping in her cozy bed in the United States of America in my home, and forever in my heart. This day I have been flooded an array of emotions. I have thought of Lola Joy's Ethiopian Mommy. I know she is thinking of the baby she carried in her womb for 9 months and hoping and praying she has a better life than the one she felt she could give her. I wish I had a photograph of her to give Lola Joy when she asks me, "Mommy, who do I look like?" I will tell her I am sure she is a mirror image of her Ethiopian Mommy. ( Even though her Daddy swears she has his "hair"! ) Her Daddy also says she has my personality.:) I have been having flashbacks of the first word we recieved about her. From that moment, Kalkidane became our matter what. No matter what her medicals showed, Doug and I knew she was our daughter. I remember the day we received our first pictures of her. We laughed, we cried, we squealed, and smiled. Our hearts were full. She was OURS! NO MATTER WHAT. I have been thinking back to our trip to Ethiopia, and how eye-opening that was. And thinking of THE MOMENT...after all of the praying and waiting....she was in our arms and our eyes LOCKED. I cannot explain the feeling in my heart. A MIRACLE that ONLY MY GOD could do transpired. OUR HEARTS WERE ONE. I would swear by the feeling in my heart that day that I carried her my womb those 9 months, but you know... I did...I carried her in the womb of my heart. Loving her. Praying for her. Caring for her. Hoping for her. Dreaming big dreams for her, hoping someday she will change the world and do BIG THINGS for her Savior. Just like I prayed her for brothers when they resided in my womb. The miracle hasn't ended there. God knitted our hearts together before we met and the bonding and attaching has been building with each new day. Lola Joy has been SO TRUE to her name and GOD has been so faithful and so good to us. Lola Joy touches the lives of EVERYONE she meets and I'm so thankful. Our prayer was that she God would use her for HIS good. Looking into Lola's eyes is like seeing God's heart. He lives among the needy, the orphan, the broken. And that's where we'll find Him. I keep thinking, "What if we missed it? What if we missed this gift God has given us, because we decided to give into those fears that gripped us in the beginning of this process?" THANK YOU GOD for keeping your promises. Kalkidane means, "God's Promise". I know that no matter what this life brings, the good, the bad, and the ugly...God keeps His promises. He was blessed us with three incredible children who we couldn't love any more if we tried. All we know is they are OURS...NO MATTER WHAT! Thank you LORD FOR YOUR INDESCrIBABLE GIFT!!!!
There is a book that my parents got for Lola Joy for Christmas that I would like to share with you. It's titled, "I love you through and through" by Bernadette Rosetti-Shustak
It sums up how we feel about our daughter.
I love you through and through.I love your top side.

I love your bottom side.
I love your inside
and outside.
I love your happy side,
your sad side,
your silly side
your mad side.
I love your fingers,
and toes,
your ears
and nose.
I love your hair and eyes,
your giggles,
and cries.
I love you running
and walking,
and talking.
I love you through and through...
yesterday, today, and tomorrow, too!!


We love you precious LOLEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

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Sheila Lewis said...

HAPPY, happy birthday Lola!!!!!!!!! Thank you Doug and Julie for sharing your journey. You and your family are an inspiration for me and my family. Your blog gives me hope and helps me stay focused on following God's lead.

Mi Jean said...

Happy Birthday LOLA! As I read this blog,all the memories came flooding back.I am thankful that we have Lola in our lives.She has blessed us beyond what we ever thought possible.Now we have "JOY" in our lives and "HOPE" in our hearts.Love to all of you.

Emy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Lolee! Trying to type through the tears! We feel so blessed to be a part of this precious girl's life, and to have witnessed the miracle of adoption through your family!!
We Love You Lola JOY!!!

P.S. That is my FAVORITE book! I was going to give it to her for her birthday!!!

Matt, Sara, Parker and Lleyton Ritzmann said...

Happy Birthday to Lola!

We are excited to meet you guys one of these days and then to bring Lola a little playmate home from Ethiopia.

The Ritzmanns

The Gutmans' said...

WOW!!! Happy B-day sweet little Lola Joy, what Joy you bring to everyone who meets you and sees that precious smile. God is soooo good. It's amazing he knew before you where even born that you would be such a blessing to others, he has such big plans for you. That's one of Grayson Faye's favorite books, we've read it until the cover is peeling off. All our love.

Garland Family of 5 said...

So Precious and beautifully written! Happy Birthday Lola Joy! We love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Lolee! You are loved beyond words! I know you keep your brothers and Mommy and Daddy on their toes! Keep up the good work sweet girl!! You are the apple of His eye and theirs too! xoxoxox

jennifer said...

What a beautiful post! Lola Joy is absolutely beautiful.

Donna said...

This is so beautiful. I can see her personality in each and every picture. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.

Tracy said...

Beautiful post!!! I feel your heart! Our little Ethiopian prince is almost 1 and I have begun to type a very similar post. Thnak for sharing your heart and love for orphans.