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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family Birthday Party Madness:) LOVE IT!

This past Friday night we had the boys' birthday party with my side of the family. So, SO blessed to have such an AMAZING, SUPPORTING, LOVING, and FUN family.
Let the pics speak for themselves!!
Mamaw Jean started the party off right by bringing my boys' FAVORITE..
Chocolate covered strawberries! YUM! They disappeared VERY quickly!
Here's my mom and my niece Morgan! So much fun!
Papaw Bob and my sweet Lolee Joy!
Dustin, Jason, Brian, Brooklyn, and Brennan
These guys can rock it out on rock band!

Morgan, Jason, and Brooklyn
Lola Joy and Uncle Brian havin' some lovins!
My niece, Madison and Me
You 'n your sis are so beautiful!
(tears:( these girls are growing up WAY TO FAST!)
Love the Kiss rocker face Morgan!!!
I was being attacked by Brooklyn and Spencer! Ha!

Family pics.
The boys with my Mom and Dad
The boys with Brian, Kim, Madison and Morgan
The boys with Dustin and Brooklyn
(We missed Beth and Baby Jaelyn)
Jason and Spencer gettin' rowdy!
The boys with my Uncle Mark, Aunt J, cousin Jason, and Spencer
The boys with Popaw Bob and Mamaw Jean
This shot is hilarious! (Side note: Lola Joy was extremely fussy at the party and she really never fusses. That night she didn't sleep.
Took her to the dr. Sat. a.m. and she had a double ear infection!!:( Poor Baby!
Yay! Hollie and Chad were able to make it and hang out!
Hollie and Lola Joy right before my Mom put her to bed:)
Bren acting like his uncle Bobbo and Jason! (We missed you Bob, Jona and crew!)
Here's Jason trying to talk Brennan into sticking his face in the cake!!
Brennan thought about it, but didn't...this time!
You're lucky Jas!
Thanks to our BEAUTIFUL family for making this birthday an awesome one! It wouldn't be the same without you guys!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
ps. Looking forward to our next party with Doug's side of the fam!!!


Our Adoption Story said...

Hi, thanks for the nice message on my blog! I love your blog and your family is so cute. I look forward to meeting Lola Joy and following along on your adoption from China as well!

Emy said...

I love your family!!! What a fun party!

I am just sick though... 7 and 10! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!!

Happy Birthday Boys! We Love you guys!!!!