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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our first day in Guangzhou

Our day started with breakfast, then off to have pics made for Lily's visa. She did great, however they made me remove the headband...ha! We then headed to the medical examination clinic. Definitely an interesting experience. It was very hot, jam packed, and sort of organized chaos. Lily fell asleep shortly after we sat down. Sweet baby. After waiting a while, we got in lines for the three stations. First was temp., height and weight. She weighed 20 lbs. :-)

She cried when they wanted to get her height...but calmed down right after I picked her up.

Off to the next station...she did so great.

We saw our friends that we stayed with in Nanjing...and stole a shot with them.
Then we ate at Lucy's..which has some western foods. Doug got their version of sweet tea.
Here is the waterfall in our hotel.
This is at our hotel as well. So beautiful here.

We sat by the pool and had some lap time together.

Daddy and Lily by the pool.

We went to the playroom in the hotel for a change of scenery. She loved the toys there.
It was a really nice day. We've met some more new families and they are really nice. So nice to chat with them and meet their little ones. Tomorrow we go for a tour in the morning. Nap in the afternoon, then red couch photos in the afternoon and dinner as a group...Asian food..hee hee..
Lily is like a little butterfly...growing and changing with each new day. She is letting us snuggle her much more, I can rock her to sleep, and we even got some kisses on the mouth at dinner.
Sweet baby girl!
Thanks for your prayers.
Love from Guangzhou!
Doug, Julie, and Lily


Emy said...

YEA! So glad that hurdle is OVER! I still can't believe how big and healthy she is!
Lily just couldn't be any sweeter! Miss you guys and can't wait to see you in 6 days!!!!

The Gutmans' said...

So happy that her visit to the doctor went well, another answered prayer. 20 lbs, what a healthy girl, Grayson Faye is not that far behind her. Can't wait to see all of you together. xxx's & ooo's from all of us.

Garland Family of 5 said...

So glad to see these pics. You all look like you are doing amazing and we can tell she loves her mama and baba! Enjoy Guangzhou and all the sites and the breakfast buffet (haha)! Much love!

Kerri said...

Precious pics once again! You can see her trust and love building in every one! So happy you are enjoying the trip and these moments with that little sweet heart! We ate at Lucy's many times! If you try a "milkshake" don't be surprised when it's more like ice-cold chocolate milk, lol! Love you!

Amy said...

You need to find the VanderMeer family. They are at the White Swan right now too and the live in NKY. I did their home study, but just found out today that they are in China right now. I'll leave a note on their blog too.