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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Princess in Purple!

Here is our little princess when she woke up and got dressed to go out. :-) Isn't she stunning? Tuesday we went to the registration office to sign some papers. It was an important day for us. We promised never to abuse or abandon Lily. It was very emotional as we made this promise. Here we are with the assistant director to Lily's orphanage.

Daddy snuggles with his newest little princess in the taxi on the way back to the hotel.
Seeing her in the mirror for the first time was adorable! She smiles and smacks at the mirror.

Sleeping beauty. Soo tired!
We had a very good day with Lily pie. Each day we are seeing little bits and pieces of the beautiful personality inside. She finally bawled her little eyes out last night at bedtime. This was hard. She didn't want to be held. She stiffened out her little body and cried..but she didn't want to be laid down. We soothed her, sung to her, and wanted to cry with her. Eventually she allowed Doug to sit in the chair and hold her and fell to sleep. We put her in bed with us, hoping this would help her learn to trust us and eventually love us. It's so hard knowing she hasn't had much human interaction. She doesn't know how to love, how to cuddle, how to be held, but her own good time she will know that we are her forever family. Here in the hard times. Here in the good times. Always and forever. Please continue to pray for healing for our sweet baby girl.
Love from Nanjing,
doug, julie, and lily
Thank you for your sweet comments and emails. We are REALLY missing our other 3 kiddos back home, so the love and encouragement from home has meant so much to us...more than you know.


Emy said...

She is so stunning! Praying for her sweet little heart to be comforted by the love of her Mommy and Daddy!

Kerri said...

Just remembering those moments in the beginning when Leah pushed away from me trying to put herself to sleep. She cried, I cried. Those moments were short lived and in no time she was a snuggle bug! One minute at time Jules! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Valerie said...

Bedtime and naps were the hardest for us the first couple of days, but thankfully it didn't take long for Avery to settle in. It was so difficult to watch her be exhausted and not be able to comfort her (many tears were shred by all). Avery loves to cuddle at bedtime now. Prayers for God to comfort you until Lily's bedtime routine improves.

Amy said...

AH! She is SO cute! Love the purple outfits. You are killing me with all the headbands. Love it! Can't wait to see you when you get home!