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Sunday, September 5, 2010

We're in Nanjing...where Lily lives!!!!

This morning we woke up, had breakfast, and headed to the airport to fly to our daughters province. We were so excited to finally be getting closer to getting our sweet baby. We arrived at the airport with our guide only to be told our flight had been canceled. You can only imagine the panic we felt as we worried that this could possibly affect receiving our daughter at the appointed time. I stopped and said a prayer...and guess what, God came through once again. We were supposed to get on the 10:30 flight, but were able to get on an 11:50 flight. Shew. Praise the Lord. Our guide was going to check us in, but wasn't able to due to him having to catch a flight himself to go with another province. We had to wait 20 min. then check in by ourselves. This also caused us to be very uneasy...and we prayed again..and God sent the sweetest people. Two very nice couples who we had seen at our hotel in Beijing that were with another agency were in the same boat we were. Luckily, they still had their guide who was just awesome! He checked us in and took us in as his own. We tried to tip him, but he even refused the tip. wow. We were able to stay with these families through the flight and found that we are staying in the same hotel here in Nanjing. Too cool! :-) (We were going to be the only family from our agency here, so this is nice to have other people to connect with.) Here is the sign we read as we got off the plane.

Yahoo..we're in the same city as Lily!!

Here is something that we just can't get used to...the squatty potty!!

(And most of the time there is NO toilet paper!!!)

Our guide, Min, met us at the airport and told us a bit about Nanjing and about our GOTCHA DAY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still in disbelief that this is it!!! We weren't supposed to get Lily until 2:00, but we actually get her earlier than expected...10:30 a.m. for us...p.m. for you!!!!! We will get up, eat breakfast and leave our hotel at 10:00 to go meet our daughter. We've been dreaming of this day for sooo long!!! It is finally here! We aren't sure how much we'll sleep tonight. :-) Please keep us in your prayers. We will try to blog about it and send pics as soon as we can. Now we are going to pack our backpack with diapers, bottles, bibs, and baby stuff!!! YAY!! We are charging our cameras and preparing for sweet Lily's arrival. Sorry there aren't many pics, for some reason, uploading took forever:-( Hopefully it won't be so slow tomorrow!

Ni Hao from Nanjing!


ps. Doug is finally starting to feel a little better today. Please keep praying for him. :-)

pss. our room is nice at the Mandarin garden hotel...but the beds..hard as a rock:-)
Brennan, Bryson, and Lola Joy, our hearts ache for you. Miss you tons!!!!
We are showing everyone your pics everywhere we go. We tell them we have the best kids in the world! You are such blessings from the Lord and we're so thankful!
You'll get to see sissy on Skype tomorrow! Yay!!:-)


Susan said...

Julie and Doug I'm so excited for you guys, it gives me goosebumps just reading your blogs. What an amazing adventure God has sent you on! Glad to hear Doug is feeling better and that HIS hand is continually guiding and sheltering you along the way. Hugs and prayers for you all. WOO HOO! Lily here they come! :)

Valerie said...

Glad everything worked out with the flight. The bed at our hotel in Avery's province was awful (like sleeping on a wooden box). Craig had met a guest relations person the first day we were there, so after the first night he called to ask if there was anything she could do about getting a softer mattress. The next day they brought a different mattress which made our week long stay much more restful. Our guide did make fun of us a little about how soft mattress are the cause of Americans back pain or something to that effect. I am so excited about your next post! Praying for an easy transition on your Gotcha Day!

Garland Family of 5 said...

My heart is leaping in anticipation for you. I love reliving this experience with you and can't wait to see pics of you all with Lily tomorrow!!!
The beds sound more like what we had. I remember running in the hotel in Beijing and throwing myself on the bed in pure exhaustion and thought I broke my back it was so hard - ha! So I learned not to do that again while in China. Blessings to you all. Love you and CANNOT wait to see her in your arms!!!!!!

Heather Kightlinger said...

So excited the day is finally here! I will be thinking of you guys all day and say a special prayer tonight at 10:30 that all goes well with Lily's transition to you! CAN'T WAIT to hear all about it! Love ya!

The Thompson Family said...

Your entire family has been in my prayers! I can't wait to see your newest baby girl. :)

Donna said...

The kids are so excited to see baby Lily. We are so thrilled that we can skype in the morning and evening, until school Tuesday.
Everyone asks about you and how things are going. I start to cry everytime I talk to someone about you. I've had a stuffy nose since you left:) Lola woke up with a dry diaper this morning and went to the potty first thing---the big potty. If we would just stay home, she might just do it all the time. Can't wait to skype tonight. The boys will probably be asleep, but we'll get them up when the call comes. Gordon, Sherry, Mijean, Bob and whoever else wants to come here, wants you to skype tomorrow morning. We'll set up a time when we talk to you tonight. Gordon is going to take the boys fishing in your lake tomorrow. Sherry has Lola on Tues. Everything's going great. We have Caitlyn's BD party today at 5:00. We're trying to keep them busy. Love you and can't wait to see sweet little Lily.

MMStanley said...

Julie and Doug,
We love you all! We are praying for you all! I couldn't help but tear up at church today when I saw the boys and Little Miss Lola Joy! So excited that our time tonight at 10:30 P.M. you will finally have the completeness that God has propelled you to! You will have the precious angel that we have all prayed for and that God has molded in our hearts. We will be praying tonight that the transition goes well and that God will go before you and make it seemless. You are so close to our hearts and minds. God has been working in all of us through your journey. Love and hugs!!

Kerri said...

Yeh!!! Almost there! It's 5 in the evening here so it's almost time for you to be getting up! You'll be holding your girl before you know it! Oh I can't wait to see the pics of that first meeting! We're praying for you!!! xoxoxo

Julie R. said...

Just hours away!!! I'm sure you are awake and preparing for the big day ahead! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!! <3

Hooray!!!!! So thankful that long waits have an end!

God is taking care of you, every detail -- so happy to hear how the other guide just took you under his wing. I've slept with extra comforters on the mattress, which helped a little. And be sure to carry tissues with you to the potty. The one you photographed looked incredibly nice!

Cannot wait to check your posts -- thanks for sharing! Awesome!! (I also have "you'll be in my heart" humming through my mind all day!)

The Gutmans' said...

Yeaahhh!!!! Woo hoo!!! Praise Jesus can not believe you are this close to your little Lily. This time last year I got to show off Lola Joy at our family reunion and tomorrow I will get to show of Lily Hope, what a difference a year makes, yippeee!!!! Can't wait. So glad to hear ABOUT DOUG, PRAISE JESUS!!! Love u all.

Tiffany said...

yay! :-)