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Monday, September 6, 2010


I couldn't sleep at all last night. I woke up at midnight..then 3:00a.m. I got up at 5 and got my shower. We ate breakfast and got everything ready. The anticipation of this special day was unbelievable. All night I took time to pray for Lily and our first meeting together. Our hearts pounded as we went to the Civil Affairs office to meet our daughter. After a few minutes of walked Lily's orphanage director and Lily in her arms.... oh my heart grew a thousand times bigger...INSTANT LOVE!!! Just like with Lola. God is so good!!!!
Introducing....Lily Hope Jiatong Stanley!!!Daddy gets to hold me for the first time!
Lily didn't cry one tear. She curiously looked at us. She had a quiet and calm disposition. She has the most beautiful long eye lashes!!! Just like her sissy.On the way to the hotel Lily fell asleep in my arms. :-) I was in heaven!!! Once we got back, we had to do some paperwork with our director. As soon as she left...we skyped the kiddos. They were basically asleep and really didn't get to see her do anything but sleep. Then, we skyped Aunt Deana and Uncle Darryl and she decided to put on a show!! Here are some pics only about 2 hrs. after we got her!

Is that the sweetest smile??? She was belly laughing as I tickled her belly!!!
She says, "oh my tummy hurts from all the laughing!"

She likes to patty cake!!!

I had to put a headband on!:-) She loves playtime. I have never seen a baby enjoy and explore toys the way she does!!! She LOVES them! At the civil affairs office this morning we gave her a little rattle toy. She loved it. They tried to take it from her to take our pic and she cried for it. She stopped immediately when they gave it back.
Daddy lovin' on his sweet baby girl!!
Since these pics, Lily has had a bottle and a bath. She ate her bottle like a champ...and she loves a bath. WOW! Our rep called her ...easy baby! :-) I cannot express in words what our hearts have experienced today. A miracle, only orchestrated by our God.
Thank you God for this indescribable gift.
Gotta run..we meet with our rep to do some paperwork again for tomorrow.
Thanks for your prayers and love.
We have felt prayed for and are so grateful.
More to come soon!!
Doug, Julie, and LILY!!!!!
Lily feels heavier than Lola...and is wearing about the same size clothes as Lola. :-) Lily is crawling, but not walking yet. And..she's a thumb sucker:-)


Susan said...

"Our God is Greater, Our God is Stronger, Our God is Higher than any other.....":-) So happy for you guys! LOOOOVE the pics!Can't wait to see more. Love you!

Tiffany said...

She is beautiful! So glad she is bonding with you guys so quickly! It's awesome to visually see answered prayers! Still prayin, love ya!

Garland Family of 5 said...

She is so beautiful! She is your precious child and we are rejoicing with you! Could not wait to get up and see these pics this morning! Praying your first night goes well and that you all just have so much time to bond and love on her while and enjoy her birth province and country. Lots of love!!!

Kerri said...

Got up this morning with only one thought....Lily is with her Mama and Daddy! So happy for you!!!! We will continue to pray for this really special time for you! It's probably been a long day for you so I pray for a restful and peace filled night for you 3 across the sea and a gloriously sunny day for 3 here at home knowing that their God is the God of love and miracles!!! Love you Jules and Doug!!!!

Valerie said...

She is amazing. God is so faithful to answer prayers.

The Gutmans' said...

Me too!! Couldn't wait, Gotcha Days are the BEST DAYS!!!!! She is gorgeous, so,so, so happy for you all, Family of 6, yeaaahhhh. My heart was in my throat as I saw your pics, and read post. All I can is tears!!!! We serve an awesome God!!! Luv u all!! I will be showing her off to my Indiana family as soon as they get up, ha!

Emy said...

AHH!!! AWESOME! I was doing the countdown last night around the campfire and just prayed my heart out as I was rocking Eva to sleep! Your beautiful baby girl is in your arms FOREVER and we couldn't be more excited for you guys!!!
She is SO BEAUTIFUL, those eyes and lashes, and that smile... OH MY! My heart just melted! And she looks like such a big, healthy girl! Can't wait to see more! Love from Kentucky!!!

Hollie said...

Yea!! She is so beautiful and happy:) Can tell she has been a part of the family for a long time now even if she wasn't in your hands. So glad this day is finally here and we can't wait for you to get home. Love you guys!

angel j said...

She is beautifull!!!!!!!!!!! The joy on your faces,priceless. Praying for a restfull night for you,we know you have to be wiped out,emotions can drain you. Lots of love and prayers for your new family of 6!

MMStanley said...

Beautiful baby girl!! Lily is precious!! Love the photos and so amazed by God's glory and his unwavering faithfulness! He orchestrated this plan from the beginning and He has His hands with and around you! We love you and are still praying for you!! So excited to meet Lily Hope!! :)